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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that, Dragoness Whoever does this really need an attitude adjustment! I took the pretty silver, ewi - thank you!
  2. Sorry for disappearing on you all! It was really fun, but I forgot all about a trip I had to take when I began this game and ended up being without internet for nearly two weeks It's exciting to read through the developments since then, though
  3. 1. Saika 2. A slightly cloudy sky with plenty of sun, around 20 degrees Celsius Thank you for the opportunity!
  4. Thank you to Undomiel and a_god_s for my lovely prizes And thank you to The Dragoness for hosting the raffle!
  5. So many pretty dragons! I probably entered for more than I should
  6. Congratulations, everyone! After over a year of stubborn dragons I finally got to 5th gen on this lineage!
  7. I finally got something other than "no egg" from a pairing I've been trying... And the egg abandons because I'm egglocked