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  1. Well theres the Holly, the Yulebuck and the Snowangel so yea, 3. but Getting a Holly is practically impossible D:
  2. I think it is silly we can only have 2 of each holiday dragon.. I don't see the reasoning in that. But thats how it is so.. gotta deal with it D: meh. >.<
  3. I saw ONE. Just ONE. Last year. D: And I was like, "OMFG." *misses* (sadface.) D:
  4. Haha, clever, but it doesnt quite fit the tune. I like it though. Im all ready for the new christmas dragon. I hope I can catch a couple.
  5. I think Im more excited about having more eggs,teleport and the biomes more than anything else. Renaming is cool too though.
  6. THE CAKE IS A LIE. edit: Awww.. I was just being funny. and i got a warning... sorry...
  7. Well then. Why dont I have annyyy?! T_T I never see them.. sadness. according to the wiki, the trios are "moderately rare"
  8. i has another question.. Rares should show up in all locations as been stated correct? Are the trios considered as rare? Say theres a "volcano" area, or just an area that is normally really hot. Dragons in there thatd be found for one example the Embers right? Wouldnt the Magmas also be found in there too? But since Magmas are in the trio would they be considered rare and show up in all locations? So, im confused as to where and what locations and to how they are being split up.. cuz to me it wouldnt make since for the trios to be in all locations, they should be in the location that
  9. Ok thanks for clearing that up. Makes since now. .. kind of reminds me of Avadopts.
  10. And what would happen to the "Main Cave" ? would there only be a "main cave" when there are new releases and all other times stay as separate locations? or as my previous statement of having new releases in all regions. o.O
  11. I have a question, forgive me if its been asked already.. What about new releases? Will the eggs from the new releases show up in ALL of the special area locations until its revealed what type of dragon they are?
  12. OOH! Ok, I get it. Kind of like Magistream but on there its no limit of hatchies just eggies. Mk thanks
  13. Uh.. a little.. but I still dont see how you could possibly have 12 or more eggs and hatchlings at once by the current rules or the new ones.. O_o?
  14. Im confused about the Egg limit thing. I dont get it. does that mean we no longer can only have 4 eggs? whats the 12 total thing..? can someone explain..?
  15. How long are the drops lasting for the eggs? >.<
  16. I got the 93rd treat.. before yall posted about it e.e
  17. And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on.... D: >.< teh lagg it kills me. EDIT: I just found.. a 93rd trick or treat.. o.o
  18. OK.. so how long do dragon tombstones stay on your scroll? -.-
  19. Well that just sucks. I want a zombie. >_<
  20. Umm.. I killed my dragon and successfully revived it.. but its not a zombie. D: why?? D:
  21. I hope i can get them all :/ cuz I wasnt able to get all the easter eggs.... :'( P.S.: I love youre avatar. o_o