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  1. Little sad the animation on the digiegg didn't make it onto the site for some reason - but it isn't a big enough thing to worry about. Well, at least you guys get to see what it was supposed to be here. And I don't need to explain the references, you guys got them just fine: Digimon (digiegg of courage) and Cthulhu.
  2. Never saw it... but today was a new day. I thought it was a bunch of veins feeding a clump of cells/embryo thing that would become an albino, like this: The other explanation makes so much more sense! So far we have one? two? people who saw the right shape and some twenty who didn't? I guess we should feel bad if we didn't see it if it's a 1/10 or 1/20 odds. (I don't suppose we could get a poll?)
  3. I don't see how that's possible. I didn't announce I was breeding them for the event because I didn't want one or two people stalking for them and getting most of them, so there wasn't really a way to know what the codes were. They could have just been stalking my scroll, but I don't breed on a set schedule making stalking my scroll useless. Plus, if they were stalking my scroll, they would have had all the codes so if they were hatching them from the AP with codes most if not all the eggs should have went to the wild but some people did get them. I'm not mad, I am just a little disappointed that it currently seems someone made a deliberate effort to wreck a 'gift' for people. I'm more sad for the people here who could have caught them and would have enjoyed them. Oh well. *shrugs* Big congrats to the people who did catch them, whether they kept them or gifted them! If it makes you feel better, I bred the alts first so waiting shouldn't have done anything unless people threw catches back.
  4. Oh my... now I can't unsee it.
  5. ...so I figured out what happened. It was going through the eggs I bred to see where they went now that they are all adults and can't be fogged and have some bad news. Some sore sport caught a bunch of them, raised them, and then released them to the wild. Here are some. Sorry guys.
  6. I just surprised nobody here seems to have caught one since there was so many. I was expecting some ten or so people to start frantically posting once they hit the AP. I'm not even seeing them in the trade threads and that usually where half of them end up. Kinda disappointing, actually
  7. They are about 4d 8hrs and some are on scrolls already, so I don't think there should be any left
  8. So... did anyone here catch one of the 20ish 2nd gens I bred from my alt graves?
  9. I wasn't sure if anyone would figure out the OPM egg
  10. Shoot, I didn't even see that last drop. I may be here a while...
  11. No, I did those earlier in the season, but there are lots and lots of third gens
  12. The stuff I bred in the last hour of valentine breeding is showing up in the AP. We are near the end of the AP wall.
  13. Don't hold your breath. I'm still waiting for my Heartstealings to be alted.
  14. I took the amulet thinking you were going to give it to Steve for research instead of leaving it and hindering him and making him come back later. Oops.
  15. Aegis? Aegis? No... It can't be... EDIT: Beautiful dragon, if you excuse my ramble
  16. How odd, that's was my first thought as well. However, I expect to be proven wrong
  17. My apologies. I didn't know a day was added for the holiday eggs, I thought it was just for regular eggs.
  18. As I post, the eggs in the AP are 6 days, 16-17 hrs. That means eggs are sitting 7 hrs in the AP. I looked at the lineages just 'cus I like seeing what pairing people do (I looked at 10ish at random) and about 1/3 of the ones I checked were 2nd gens. I really don't think there is any issue of 'challenge mode' if we spread the eggs. However, I also think a month is a little extreme. I'd rather see a 2nd week.
  19. I tried killing this morning, actually. It's one of the last parts of my Halloween prep. I have 4 zombies but am working for a full biome set. So far only 1/5 of my kills have worked. Quite annoying. I'd like something more like a 50/50 chance. That way there's still some challenge, but if you try for a day or two you should be good.
  20. If someone wants to start a thread (since only so many people will see it here), it might be a good idea