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  1. I may have to just drop out. I mean seriously. I'm not very active (I can pull Aurora away from Dragon's character and have her interact with the others as there is still no reply back yet) Which would give me more to do instead of just waiting. As for Candra I'm unsure of what to do with her right now too. All I mainly have her do is follow people around and attempt to help. =/ I don't know what to do.
  2. I'm in and out. I shant post with my phone again either. It squishes words together and is difficult to read. I'm lucky it brought up my post as if it was a text message to be sent... >-> And there's so many people that make the RP move so fast that it's hard for of us to keep up who can only be on at certain times of the day. =/ I still can't do anything with Aurora til Dragon replies about the humans and her own dragon and I'm gonna try and keep Candra with Krashath if I can.
  3. Oiy it's hard to read some stuff with my phone. @-@" But I'm trying to keep up and interact =D I'm awaiting a response from Dragon's humans now about Aurora's random gust of wind that came from nowhere.
  4. [[Trying to keep up some how! I'm using my phone since I'm at the laundry mat and won't be on a computer at all today.]] Candra had followed Scuta half way in. "Did you find em yet?" She asked. Not long after that she heard him call back that he had and that they also had an emerald. Smiling brightly Candra called to Krashath to let him now, too. "Scuta said he found them!" She then added, "and they have an emerald too!" Candra then turned and slowly started to slide her way back to the tiny opening.
  5. "I'll go and help too!" Candra chimed in confidently. She wanted to do something to help and she was still pretty small herself and could fit through, too. "I'mma follow you ok Scuta?" She said looking at him and waiting. Looking to the sky Aurora began to notice the setting sun. 'Isn't that lovely.' She thought as she drew ever closer to the humans. 'Maybe I'll get to play with my food for a little while!' Aurora smiled at the thought, two little humans running around in the dark this way and that. As her camoflauge started to kick in making her blend into her surroundings as it started to get darker, she picked up her pace and diliberately unfolded her wings and brought them up then down causing a gust of wind to blow out and around her as before. [[Dragon, your post kinda confused me. When you say 'dragon' are you referring to Aurora or someone else?]]
  6. Candra slid to a stop right krashath's leg again. "Oof.." She huffed and puffed. "Nope, I've been following you!" She then said looking up, "I didn't really like staying back at the cave..." Aurora rasied her head to what sounded like a howl. Peering off a short ways she spotted what seemed to be two humans, and she was going to assume that neither of them had been the one to 'howl'. 'Humans...' She thought, 'how I despise them all.' Aurora then slowly started to make her way over to where they stood. She wasn't afraid she'd destroyed whole villages before so two mere humans on there own didn't make much of a difference in her mind. [[i'm having Aurora make her way to Moon, Dragon. If you want to have the humans retaliate or anything feel free to.]]
  7. [[Oh crud... I blame it beign after 4 a.m. and me taking my contacts out making me squint to read! *shot* honestly though... I do have poor eyesight and leaving thsoe thigns in for too long doesn't help me out. I can fix that easy though!]] Candra got up and followed after them all back to cave. "Hey! Wait for me!" She squeeled lightly slipping and sliding her way after them. A few days had passed now since her trip and began. Now growing tired the dark dragon adorned with what seemed to be an intricate glittering constelation upon her blue tinted wings, came to a gentle landing on the ground below. Granted this female dragon was a beauty but one should not allow her appearance to fool them. Aurora wasn't strictly evil but she would kill. If need be atleast. Aurora watched a couple of dragons she spotted not far off. They appeared to be heading in the direction of a cave. Snorting and showing no particular interest in as to why they seemed to be rushing there she flapped her wings lightly a few times causing a drift of air to fan out and around her a few feet before she folded her wings in. "I think I'm going to like it here." She then stated with a small smile as she narrowed her eyes. [[And I am now another year older. Hoozah!]]
  8. That's kinda why I made Aurora. Instead of just sitcking to Candra and getting lost with her like I have been, I can vere off and play Aurora instead of waiting for a response to Candra. I'm starting with Aurora now, gonna get her settled in and such.
  9. Username: DungeonBrat (Dungeon) Name: Aurora Gender: Female Type/Breed: Nebula Power: Camoflauge(the ability to blend in with her surroundings but is only effective at night) and blue spark flame(a blue flame she breathes that can cause sparks to spread the blue flames further and faster. Mainly used when threatened, fighting, and as a distraction by means of escaping) Job: Loner Personality: She is calm and may seem distant. Striding to her own path and rarely ever wandering near her own kind unless for some form of benefit for herself. She can be cunning when she chooses and manipulative. Appearance: Natural female nebula appearance with her own arrangment of her chosen constelation. Age/Stage: Matured adult Extra: It is unknown as to why Aurora is the way she is for sure. Her past is hidden and all who know it are have either passed or forgotten. Maybe one day it will be revealed as to what caused her to go so cold and distant and lose all hope in what she had once believed and achieved during her life span. I was thinking about doing this for quite sometime now. Lettme know if she gets approved or not. If she does, I'll be happy to have her jump into the RP. If anything needs improved or fixed lettme know and I shall take care of it also. It's now after 4 a.m. and I need to get to bed. >->"
  10. Candra's eyes widened. "You mean she could die either way?!" She said in shock. "We gotta help her out!" Looking at the wall and unsure of what she could do exactly to help. She then turned and watched Krashaths tail curl and curled her own without much thought of as to why she did. "Are there others trying to help her too?" Candra then asked scooting over to where the large dragon was and plopping down on her belly.
  11. Candra nodded her head. "Well do you think their friend is ok in there?" Candra asked looking the wall up and down. Rather happy it wasn't her stuck inside but still feeling bad, she then noticed Krashath's scales puff a little as he scratched them and giggled.
  12. Ok I'm starting to get back into the picture here. I shall soon be part-time again and hopefuly be able to be on a bit more to keep up better. As I said before I don't mind creating a dark dragon and rping it. I can have it start off with the 'shadow emerald' and some of you can attempt to fight for it.
  13. Candra sighed unsure of what to do. She was sure the others probably needed help and her just sitting around the cave and being scared wasn't going to help anything. Leaving the cave she thought she spotted the others not far off doing something, so she wandered over. "What's going on?" She asked looking at the wall in curiosity.
  14. Sometimes I feel so lost in the RP and feel left behind. I'm only able to get on real late at night so keeping up for me is kinda difficult. I gotta read 1-3 pages to know what all is happening. @-@" So my posts may be sloppy/messy and make no sense. Bare with me just a lil bit guys I'm slowly catching up and trying to interact with everyone again. And that plan sounds cool by the way and I like the riddles! :3
  15. Tilting her head, Candra assumed it was pretty bad for Krashath to warn her not to look. But curiousity is such a strong thing, and she found herself peeking before pulling her head back out with wide eyes. 'Oh my...' She thought. After watching some of the other leave again, Candra chose to remain behind in the cave. She knew something was happening and thought it best to stay behind. "Maybe I should have returned to waters a while ago..." She said to no one in particular, but with the bad feeling she had the waters from once she came seemed safest to her.
  16. Candra's head bounced a little from the pats but she didn't mind. "I fell asleep," She said. "Too much fun!" She then added happily spinning a few times for no real reason at all. "Where is everyone?" Candra then asked tilting her head slightly towards the caves entrance now noticing others and following Krashath wherever he was going while slightly confused at what was happening. [[Gah! I had to edit! I posted my post almsot right as you did yours Sharly lol]]
  17. Candra turned her head towards the voice. "Oh! I'm not all alone!" She said a bit startled. "I'm Candra." She added with a small smile. Then noticing Krashath was up and heading somewhere in the cave, Candra started to slide her way in his direction. "Krashath!" She said happily before somehow stumbling and sliding into his leg. "Oops..." She mummbled quietly before looking up and giving a big toothy smile attempting to look cute.
  18. [[Ok I got it now... I think. I'll stick to the cave for now.]] Candra stirred slightly, due to all of the noise she found it rather hard to continue sleeping. Raising her head and let out a tongue curling yawn. Opening her eyes, Candra looked about the cave. Not seeing anyone else around she shook herself a bit and slid to the entrance to look out and around. She could sense others not too terribly far off so decided it best to stick around the cave a little longer, 'I wonder where they all dissappeared to?' Candra thought.
  19. I recently started playing again, now I'm after the new expansion they're releasing here on the 16th, Cataclysm. And I just installed the Liche King version. But I still can't get past that dragon that circles around what looks like a temple surrounded by high hills. It's sad when I can't remember where it is or the dragon's name... It's a big green dragon with questions marks for its level though. I was talking to a few of my fellow guild members awhile back and when I said it almost saw me, one member replied; "Did more then see me. I'm still picking dragon teeth out of my butt..." Yeah I think I'll steer clear. Unless it's a group boss?
  20. [[Wow this RP really picked up. I'm sorry I've been out for so long and without any sort of word. Work has been real hectic for me since they got us working Sunday-Friday now @-@" and I've been sick. Hoozah for sore throat and neverending coughing... lettme tell ya. That time of the year here. I'll hop back in if possible but can anyone give me a slight recap? oO]]
  21. [[i'm willing to bring in a changed dragon to cause some havok!! >=D]]
  22. [[There are so many apps and so many people... I also just realized that some hatchings have already been stolen (back when rainface first started this RP she mentions that some have already been stolen and turned bad by the humans...) I was thinking since we have so many apps from people playing free dragons, maybe I could make one of a hatchling that has been changed after having been captured? It might also help get some action or something in if we have two sides of the story and not just everyone meeting up and hanging around one another. Just a suggestion though!]]
  23. I haven't played WoW in forver... my highest level character was a Dranei and her name was Sorell. She was a lvl 23 warrior and I had so much fun leveling her. Then I had a Blood elf Warlock named Valear and a Night Elf Druid name Avalana... who else... A Tauren named Naarine. I'm pretty sure she was a hunter... I also had a Blood elf hunter I lvled faster then all my other characters, and she went by the name I have here, DungeonBrat! I miss playing that. My parents bought me the Lich king upgrade for Christmas last year and I've yet to install and play it. *cries* I even helped make a guild on there too! =D I was always on the server Kaelstraz(I think I spelt it wrong...) And I had one character on Bloodhoof, too.
  24. [[This be Dungeon's recap session! Everyone is pretty much around one another outside of a cave. Magnus wandered off and now tn44 has left us. =/ Stunning left us awhile ago so Snowy is playing her character Lyzi but she's been a lurker too here and there (I have been also myself I think this Rp needs a bit more action like humans actually attempting to snatch themselves a hatchling or two. Maybe a couple of us that are hatchlings could be caprtured and start something? *shrugs* I volunteer to be a captured hatchling!) My character, Candra is with Shardas and Krashath and a couple other hatchlings if I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure some are still in the cave too... DB's recap is failing because she can't fully remember at the moment. @.@"]]
  25. [[i'll pm you about it once I rummage through some sections of the site. :3 And that's a good idea, if you can reach rainface.]]