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  1. Only played Wind Waker so far, but really enjoyed it cause of graphics and story
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZElqm-0Eyw Ichimaru Gin, creepiest guy ever.
  3. Trance, DnB, Powermetal... Stuff like that
  4. Reading my boyfriends mind, even though we can't see, hear or touch eachother, and control my dreams, usually possible.
  5. Todd is pure win, like Daniel and Ronon...
  6. Woxxie


    Everyone that haven't done a Bleach character ... Do. It. Now. And I have to say, Kenny/Yachiru and Ichigo/Nel Tu have to be the best pairs ever in anime history.
  7. J. R. R. Tolkien and Mark Twain... So that mean I'm.. Good..?
  8. Woxxie

    Top 3 Anime songs

    Bleach, Asterisk from ORANGE RANGE Bleach, D'Technolife by UVERworld Naruto, Fighting Dreamers by someone..? And just cause I can't not say it, Death note, The world by Nightmare (i think...)
  9. Most Pendulum songs, Fantasy/Dragon Trance, and a song is Watercolour by Pendulum (album, immersion)