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  1. Have: 2g Rosebud by Holly (Santa code) interesting Zap code! Want: Fair trade, doesn't have to be Valentine egg or hatchling. I like prize eggs and spriters alts, low gens. Offer on 2g Holly (Santa)/Rosebud Hatchling!
  2. Have: 2g Holly (Santa code)/Rosebud! Egg has a great Zap code! Want: Looking for a 2g Spriters Alt or something comparable, doesn't have to be Valentine! Or any other fair offer! Offer on 2g Holly (Santa)/Rosebud Egg!
  3. Have: Perfect Even 5gen Holly/White, no inbreeding! Beautiful! 4g Ribbon Dancer, All Thuwed 1st gen! Want: Fair offers! I am always interested in low gen prizes and alts that I don't have! Also some of the rare CB's. Offer on 5g Holly/White Egg! Offer on 4g Thuwed Ribbon Dancer Egg!
  4. I am not sure if I am allowed to do this... if not, let me know! Have: CB Holly (Santa). Can be bred to Halloween dragon of your choice! Want: 2 CB Pumpkin eggs. Please pm me with offers! Traded! Thanks!
  5. Please, could I get the next day egg? That would be a gorgeous lineage! I would be happy to trade something from my scroll!
  6. Thanks! I picked up the Hellhorse, one of my favorites! My daughter picked up the golden one... One if her favorites!
  7. My daughter picked up the black stripe, she thanks you!
  8. Got the first one! Thanks! He will be named and loved!
  9. My daughter picked up the 4g, and she thanks you!
  10. I picked that up and gave it to my daughter! She loves it!
  11. I picked up the Nebula for my daughter... She loves them! Thanks so much for sharing!
  12. Thanks so much! My daughter picked this up (she doesn't have a forum account yet), she loves the Alts! This is her first one with those!
  13. My daughter picked this up! She thanks you for the pretty egg!
  14. My daughter picked up the black, she asked me to thank-you!
  15. My daughter picked that pretty up, and she is very happy! Thanks ainisarie!
  16. I would love a 3G from that pretty! Could I be on that list, please?
  17. I got the second Gold! Thanks, Absolute! You have gorgeous lineages!
  18. Thanks, Absolute! I got this pretty Summer, I have a friend that has no Thuweds that I am going to pass it on too!
  19. My daughter picked this up! She thanks you! And says she will name it!
  20. Woot! I got that pretty Tinsel! Thanks so very, very much Absolute!!!
  21. My daughter picked up the magi, she thanks you!
  22. My husband has his Private Pilot's license. Right now he is working on his IFR rating, which will allow him to fly thru the clouds! I love flying with him, it is so great getting from one place to another so much faster! An 11 hour drive is 4 hours flying with the right winds. We are 1/6th owner of a 172 Cessna, which makes it affordable!
  23. Gifting 4g Whiptail egg, PB Thuwed! Please no biting or killing, freezing and gifting are fine. Send an AP egg so I know who got it! 4g Whiptail, PB Thuwed! Gone!
  24. Found this very nice Tinselkin..... Then immediately caught this Tinsel! 4g Gold AGYI! Good morning on the AP!