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  1. Well then in that case, here's what I have to offer from my scroll: http://dragcave.net/lineage/mB59 (Gifted to a friend, every dragon in the lineage except Mistka is on my scroll) I also have 3 2nd gen pumpkins, 2 purebred. I also have 3 CB of the 5 new species and another CB original which I've been planning to breed together for another even gen lineage.
  2. I hadn't realized pygmies were this popular on the forums.....I'm guessing this project has everything/everyone it needs?
  3. Cool a pygmy thread! ....erm...I have too many to simply name...would I be able to post the lineage link to the latest generation?
  4. I am allergic to stupidity! Thankfully I've been inoculated against it, else the people I'm surrounded by on a daily basis would have been the death of me...
  5. *blinks* ....o.=.o.... You're not driving that thing under the influence are you?
  6. Like I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't count on another movie, at least not for a pretty long time. They shouldn't have let M. Night Sh**-a-lot (Shyamalan) direct it, then it could have been a lot better than it was. As it stands, its low performance may have scrapped plans for a sequel of any kind for years to come. At the very least, I would expect them not to have Shyamalan direct it again. Gods forbid, I will NOT see another movie with his name in the cast/crew.
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    Justin Bieber

    Stuck! Buzzkill Rescue (The rest of us from him) Double Experience Weekend Total experience: 400 Promoted!
  8. Yeah I rather enjoyed that fact too. But I'm mostly glad I just rented it instead of rushing out to buy it. The campaign was drawn out and....dare I say, boring? My favorite aspect of the game was firefight, that was awesome! Until I realized it didn't support a matchmaking system.....what the h@ll were they thinking? So now, if I want to play firefight with someone, I have to have a copy and know someone else who has one...then pray they're on..and willing to play. Otherwise I'm SoL. I also predicted the, previously exclusive, code to get Johnson available from retailers if you pre-order
  9. Gooooood movie.....now if only that tech really existed.
  10. I went and saw the movie....despite being directed by M. Night Sh**-a-lot...it was still ...kinda good. Even a director as lousy as he is couldn't completely destroy a series like this....but he did do a pretty decent job at running it into the ground. I dare say that train wreck won't produce a sequel any time soon. This should serve as a lesson to producers, NOT to put potentially great movies in the hands of moronic directors.
  11. I managed to finish the series from start to end on Hulu (although, last I checked I believe they started taking it down). Very well done, and I was kinda sad when I finished the last episode. Still haven't seen any of the movies, although they're tempting. I recently started getting into the Atlantis series after I ran into an episode on Syfy. The first time I went looking for it on Hulu, they didn't have/support it at the time. I just found it available on Hulu a couple months ago, but I didn't get to start it from the beginning and they're only offering so many episodes/season every few mon
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    Justin Bieber

    I guess it's a good thing I only stream my MP3 on my radio and probably don't ever tune in to those stations that do play it. To date, the only thing I've actually heard that was related to JB is a youtube video of Baby being sung by Heavy from Team Fortress. Besides that....I have never heard anything that kid has sung, and I plan on keeping it that way. (For those interested in said video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvmIzxO0-n4)
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    Some of my current favorite songs are from Disturbed. High on my list right now (all from Indestructible): -Indestructible (Go figure eh? ) -Inside the Fire (I even got my sister hooked on this one and she's no metal head) -The Night (Personal favorite) -Haunted Down with the Sickness is always a classic, but the last couple minutes tend to ruin it for me.