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  1. Ferrets are wonderful pets...If you don't have sisters who have hamsters... *Pets ferret, currently lying on the keyboard*
  2. I'm psychologically allergic to loud Liberalists...
  3. A week ago or so (sorry, not fan of diaries) I wend down the street and saw two pigeons trying to mate each other... Ugly as hеll. Cloaca animals o_o
  4. I Lol'd. Seriously, what kind of weed do you use for such amazing results? or you're muuusssshroooom fan? Try Latin words. bet they have nice colour schemes.
  5. I don't really think that it's that bad to have a large variety of nations in their historical motherlands. Being Russian (well, that's for our American friends, for whom there's only Russian on the post-USSR space...) I am rather tolerant towards others, but well, looking at the sutuation in some parts of europe and america makes me think that in a few generations pure nations will extinct. And nature demands variety of species!
  6. "..." That's sort of something one says before collapsing. Not fond of animeish unnatural childish smug ant pathetic pathos... pathos is best used when finishing someone off right before a crowd...
  7. Being completely powerless and unable to change anything.