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    I have 1 Yotsuba&! book, can't remember which one, that apparently got eaten by my floor because now I can't find it, and the first two Kingdom Hearts books. I always get my manga online because it's free and that's the most convenient way to read it. I can't get it from the bookstore or the library because my parents wouldn't exactly approve of the manga I read, and they're always too busy to drive me there anyway. So that's why I use the internet.
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    Your Theme Song

    Jerk it Out by The Caesars The second one is in Japanese, so here is the translation. The first describes my awkwardness, the second fits my twistedness (is that even a word?), the third just fits somehow, and the fourth sounds like what goes on in my head.
  3. I forgot what language was my first language, but it was probably either Russian or English. I can understand and read Serbian pretty well, I obviously know English, and I'm trying to teach myself Japanese. I'd really like to fix my Serbian, because right now I can't speak it or write it. -fail-
  4. Perfect pitch probably doesn't count as a 'superpower', but I have it. My guess is that it's from taking piano lessons, because I cannot speak any sort of Chinese. At all. I'm apparently a gremlin of sorts. Whereas normal gremlins screw up airplanes, I screw up technology and some electricity. Any computer, graphics tablet, printer, internet connection, video game, laptop, whatever will malfunction to some degree if I use it. Even if it belongs to somebody else, it will mess up if I'm in control. Whenever somebody else uses it, it works fine. It's very odd. It also works on electricity
  5. According to my sister, I sound like I have a Chinese accent. Most likely because I speak very quickly and sometimes murder my sentence structure. When I'm on a tangent or I'm ranting, I tend to speak in very broken English and combine words that should not be combined. I only sound like that when I'm at home or when I'm talking to myself, though. The rest of the time I sound German and I have no idea why.
  6. Gyah. I've been wanting to do an epic cosplay for quite some time, but I can't find something that wouldn't look awkward on a very tall girl with short hair who looks very much like a guy. I might be able to pull off Izaya from Durarara or perhaps Death the Kid off of Soul Eater, but I still have some doubts. I fail at making decisions.