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  1. I think Roon wanted people to donate before January 1st.
  2. *Is still confused* Doesn't that add to clarification, not confusion...? lol
  3. What did you change? *Sees no difference and is... well, confused*.
  4. I haven't checked this thread often enough, I guess, so I was wondering, your tree gets frozen, right? Can you change it after the judging? Or does it stay the way it was... forever? Was ninja'd by the poster in front of me
  5. I have a balloon with the code "ZEOZ," so I named it "Ze Wizard of Oz." I have a magi with the code 2Pig, too, but I haven't thought up a name for that yet
  6. I've bred my golds with stripes. Works for one but not the other (as in, one produced a metallic and one produced a stripe). I've tried breeding my silver with a ridgewing, but hasn't worked (they have ridgewing children only).
  7. Whoa, that is one super cool magma. Nice details with the molten plating.
  8. It's really subjective. People define "mature" and "immature" etc. in different ways, so, I guess I'll define acting your age with respect to my perspective of "my age." I think playing DC makes me act younger than my age. Heehee. But anyways, hrm, how do people my age usually act? I guess they're all hormonal and teenager-y and angsty and perverted. In that case, I guess I act my age.
  9. Whoa! Your art is insanely good! I especially like your avatar.
  10. ... I lost track. I used to keep track with my goldfishes but... I think I've splashed at least 50 times now, but I stopped for a while. And now I have an overpopulation of male goldfishes because I keep forgetting to freeze a male hatchie.
  11. I'm going to try hard to convince my parents to donate (Maybe after I take a few practice SAT II's... hmm...). I was wondering, do you draw ice dragons or ridgewings? They weren't on your list of dragons that you don't draw, but they seem kind of hard to draw, so I just wanted to double-check.
  12. *Gasp* So prettyful! I love the storm and the animation... Also wanted to say, I'm always surprised by your generosity roon (not that I should be haha) because it's really kind of you to encourage others to donate to charity. Now to see if I can convince my parents to donate.... **Correction: By "my parents to donate," I mean, sneakily convincing them to use their credit card to donate so I can pay them back so I'm not just mooching off them.
  13. I'm fully and completely locked. So, I've read a bit that the trees will be around a while. Hope this is true because I might not be unlocked until next year (which is only 4 days away! )
  14. Yay, you started an art thread! I've seen the art in your sig as well as your sprites in the complete works section (I promise, I have not been stalking you on purpose! ... Only accidentally.... er, not really....) and I'm glad you decided to share and spread your beautiful art :3 So, yeah.
  15. That is an awesome nebula. Like, literally, that's why I'm using the emoticon to express my mouth being open in AWE. That shading must have taken forever! It is so pretty. And... yeah, I don't know how much hope I have for NaNoWriMo, I have under 300 words. Heh.
  16. zephyr_123


    They're both pretty cool, and I could probably use them interchangeably. I'm just used to the red one so I use it more, but blue is pretty cool too. (And I just opened the blue one in an adjacent tab so I could compare the two).
  17. Aww! So adorable! I love their expressions. I did NaNoWriMo on a whim and am at a grand total of 0 words, so, no matter how behind you are, I'm... probably a little more behind than that
  18. Whoa. Epic. Now I'm nervous about my influencing because I only have two of the eggs... I really hope that when I influence them they'll gender right!
  19. I just named a pumpkin dragon based off its parents' names. Because pumpkin pies really are round!
  20. I sort of named mine based on its parents' names. One was Pi r square and the other was punkin' pi, so I named it "Punkin' pi r round." (Pumpkin pie are round). That sort of takes into account an inside joke I have with one of my RL friends. It's a bit lengthier than I'd usually like, but I couldn't think of a satisfying shorter variation.
  21. Thanks! I'll put that in my sig now (even though technically someone caught them for me, er...)
  22. I know, but I can't find the code for the image.
  23. I'm thankful for the person who caught eggs for me Now I have two on my scroll. Also, I successfully got a zombie Originally I wasn't going to try for one but I realized that I really didn't want to wait another year for one. Also, how do people get the little sig pictures that say like, "catcher 2010" with the new egg and "I survived the halloween lagmonster"? Oh yeah, my only regret is that the trick or treat things wouldn't load regularly for me and I only got 48.
  24. Woohoo! One success (on my last try, too - nerve-wracking!), only one, but I'm still happy. Stats (all adult dragons): One dodger (flamingo) Three killed for good (white male,... - er, that's a dragon, by the way, not a person - terrae male, summer seasonal female) Zombified! (female pebble dragon)