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  1. O_O And how are you not sure? That is amazing. The detail and the shading are all just... wow. Are you going to draw a thunder to complete the trio? That would be cool, haha.
  2. Haha, oh well. (Somehow I can totally imagine you being good at like, kung-fu or karate or something. I wonder why... oh! The ninja llama). And thanks! But now I finally, truly sympathize with you about losing your art because of comp/photoshop malfunctions. I was practicing stuff on muro and it froze. And it hadn't been letting me save for about... the past 3 hours. Ugh. I'm kind of a mix of mad/sad/apathetic (it wasn't completely erased, so...) I'll practice drop-kicking on my computer, then.
  3. I'm glad your weekend has started too - I just finished taking my actual last test this week, so I have NOTHING to do! (I don't think I passed... but that's okay... ;- And, sweet! I'm excited that you'll be sharing more of your beautiful art. I congratulate you if you can drop-kick, I would probably miss. Maybe I should practice.
  4. I'm short, I think about 161 cm. (or 5'3" - 5'4", something like that). I try not to change my opinion about myself based on my height, though... haha
  5. It's surprising, because where I am, there isn't as much snow as there usually is. In fact, it's melting right now. Mostly, it's just been a**-bitingly cold, without too much snow.
  6. Yayyy Roon, Congrats! The fact that you won (twice!) has really improved my mood. Cuz you worked really hard with your art, so it was natural that you'd earn a two top spots! I'm so glad the weekend's almost here, too.
  7. Thank you so much Roon! It is so beautiful and adorable and... LOOK BUTTERFLY! Er, yeah. I'm sort of on a done-with-midterms-that-matter high. Btw, sorry for my delayed response - I banned myself from DC to make sure to focus on studying.
  8. That would be unbelievably epic O_O Just thinking about it is... wow. And whoa, Rhea, you changed your avi! I like it, it's very... zen
  9. Whoa, these are just pure awesome! Thank you so much for getting them done so quickly *Adding them to lineage and sig*
  10. Aww thanks! By the way, just one little thing - when you use the transparent tool you cut off a few pixels from the gray dragon. Other than that, everything looks really nice (I especially like the skywing one!) By the way, thanks for linking them!
  11. Thanks athdaraxen, they look great! Lol, don't worry, wouldn't forget to give credit.
  12. I'm glad to hear that :3 Could I have three banners like the ones you made for the terra lineage? If that's too much, just let me know. For example, could the long one say "Stormy Skies Lineage" and have the male and female storm and the skywing, and the other smaller two have the storms and a skywing? Thanks!
  13. That is just awesome, thank you so much Stromboli!
  14. I love your banners! If you are still taking requests... I'd like to request a banner. Username: zephyr_123 Size: Something signature-sized Color Schemes: Different shades of gray and blue Text: The Stormy Skies Lineage Images You Want Me To Use: Storm and skywing dragons, their eggs, different stages... etc, whatever fits Do The Images "Jump" Over The Border?: Sure, that would look cool! Other: Nope, thank you very much!
  15. Could you make a banner for me for the lineage I'm starting? It would be for "The Stormy Skies" lineage with skywings, storm dragons, and their eggs on it, with a dark gray and light blue background (if anything doesn't fit than you can just take out whatever). Could you also make it signature-sized? Thank you so much.
  16. Nice work! Whenever I see your avatar I have to watch the whole sequence, haha! I'd like to request a banner to promote a lineage I'm starting. Banner PLZ! Size: Siggie size Dragons (If a DC Banner): Skywing(s) and storm(s) Color scheme: Stormy gray clouds, raining Text: The Stormy Skies Lineage Other details: Hm, if would be possible to animate the rain, could you do that? If not, that's fine too.
  17. Hey TP! I'm glad your art thread is alive and thriving Is it okay if I request a few different banners to promote the lineage I'm starting with IceSapphyre? If you don't have time, that's completely understandable and one banner would still be great. Username: Zephyr_123 Size: If one, 100x200, but if you can do more, could you also make a 75x250 one and a 40x300 one? Subject: Stormy Skies Lineage Images: Storms, skywings, their eggs... whatever fits and looks good, even if that means putting less stuff on Text: Stormy Skies (Could you make the "Stormy" in gray and the "skies" in a blue color like the sprite of the skywing?) Color Scheme: Improbable blue sky with dark clouds, sort of a big mix of light and dark blues, dark grays and light grays Animation?: No thank you Anything else?: Just a big thank you for making these awesome banners!
  18. Thank you for the pretty egg maple! I love it! *adds to sig* The slowpoke is hilarious By the way, Maple said , so, no, her requests are not open.
  19. Whenever I'm grading and the tree lags for a second I see just a blank tree. I think, "What? Another blank one?" Then all the ornaments load and it's like an explosion. Then I think, "Not another katamari tree..." You're so artistic that I'm sure your tree reflects your art abilities C: Speaking of which, thank you for making these eggs for so many people. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm sure we all appreciate your beautiful art.
  20. Erm, if you don't mind, is it okay if I post here and edit while I think about it? ^^' DC egg or custom?: DC >>If DC--> what type?: Daydream >>If custom--> please describe: N/A Text?: Yes >>If Yes-->: Dream on Jellyfish. Okay, thanks for letting me know Maple.
  21. You're so good at drawing terrae! And in general, of course Soooo squeeful! Glad you're back, google.
  22. Woohoo, got my goldfish badge today! I was so surprised that I actually instinctively pressed the "back" button automatically to go to my next goldfish. Uh, like I said, I lost track at around 35 splashes how many it took. I feel like it was less than a hundred... It took me at least 59 splashes, plus maybe... 3... er... I dunno. It didn't feel like that many. Unfortunately, the picture's kinda small.
  23. Wow, it's very bright! So shocking. I like it a lot, especially the tail.
  24. I just named all my goldfishes, and I realized that it's a lot more satisfying to splash just to see your dragon's name in all caps.