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  1. Haha thanks! I enjoyed the vid, too. Do you listen to that music while you work, or was that just added to the video? Because it's a great soundtrack.
  2. Yes! Cheese is amazing. I've never actually bought cheese in a... rind! That's what it's called. So, when my dad's company sent him cheese (er, it's a long story, and a tragic one, believe it or not), I was so confused to see this red, cylindrical shaped thing labeled "Cheddar cheese." I was like, "Hey, it's red cheese!" Then I found out that it was a rind, and was like, uh-oh, don't know what to do about this. Um, we haven't served it yet and even though I cut a bit of it off, it's been sitting in my fridge for a while. We should eat it... (I did google how to take care of cheese).
  3. I love cats a lot. I think I love them more than dogs, but I'm not sure (because I haven't had a cat or a dog in a while). They're elusive and aloof while at the same time graceful, unafraid of heights (the cat I used to have used to balance on the railings of our deck, which scared the heck outta me because I'm terrified of heights, but he was chill about it), and... yeah. Apparently cats kill for fun, though, so they still have a bit of wild in them, even when they're domesticated.
  4. By submitting it, do you mean you turned the test in and did well? If you did, congrats! Thanks for letting us know.
  5. Well, since the new eggs that came out are really pretty... DC egg or custom?: DC >>If DC--> Rosebud egg >>If custom--> N/A Text?: Yes >>If Yes: A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose (If that doesn't fit, could you just do "A rose is a rose") Pokeball Thanks Maple!
  6. I usually have two adults. However, in the case of ribbon dancers, I liked the hatchling sprite a lot more than the adult sprite, so I froze one hatchling. Other than that, I let them grow up so I have a higher chance of being able to breed at least one of them.
  7. Ah, I see, never knew that. Usually it has always appeared. I had no idea there was a Thuwed page. It's quite cool, actually, TJ really does stick to those pairings.
  8. What happened to the graveyard? Now I just get the message "You traverse the forest in search of the rumored dragon graveyard, but despite your best efforts, you are unable to find anything." when I click it.
  9. *Read your first page* Awesome, Unnai, thanks for the update Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day! <3
  10. Wow, those are some intense eggs (really intricate and pretty)! Gah, cmon, scroll, unlock...
  11. First of all, dustpuppy, I agree with that. Second of all, this reminds me of this thing we learned in econ about how wants are unlimited but resources are limited which is why people can't have everything they want. But, anyways, I really want... a lot of things... Mostly non-material, at the moment. Wait, I just remembered that I want a book, and as piece of music, and the ability to draw.
  12. SnowyWolf, Roon's requests are closed until she finishes the commissions. After that they'll be open though.
  13. Usually I end up forgetting who I paired with who, and just breed based on what egg I hope to get. For my metallics, though, I do have a strict mate to try to keep their lineages prettier and because I know they accept each other. Also, because of the lineage that I started, I'm trying to get checkerboards, so I have permanent mates for the dragons involved, mostly to prevent inbreeding.
  14. Ohh, the tail does wrap around most of the dragon's body. Deng that is one long tail. Okay then, so I guess it was option one. Derpy puppies are the cutest things ever <3
  15. Ah, that makes things clear * Name(What I should call you): Zephyr * Spliced or Original: Original * Colors: Really light/pale, almost peachish pink (with possible swirlies? If they fit I guess?) * Designs: Could you put this design in it? * Can others use this egg: I'd prefer for them not to, but if they really want to they can.
  16. Your eggs are really cute :3 I just wanted to double-check, is it possible to still put a request down? I'm not sure because your first post says that you can fill out the form of the queue is full and will be put on after a spot is open, but you also would like no more requests from now. I know you're definitely really busy getting the huge amount of requests that built up during your absence done, so if you don't have time that's completely understandable, I was just wondering. Thanks!
  17. owo It's bright! I like the color, it's kind of creamy-peachy-looking. I can't decide if the tongue sticking out means "I'm lovable, hug me!" or "Imma eat you right now." Whatever it is, it's still really cute :3
  18. Here's mine. I had a bird/bug growing thing going on, I dunno if people caught it or not though. I might crop it and add a better picture later, too lazy for now.
  19. My odd ability is that I don't have an odd ability. ... Well, the fact that everyone here can do something odd makes being able to do something "odd" "normal," so... Okay, I might have some intuition or something, I'm not sure because I can only tell if I do when I ignore it and then get questions wrong on tests/quizzes :\
  20. Pretentious, hypocritical people that look down on others as immature/inferior in some way. But it takes a pretentious person to say that others are pretentious hypocrites/insult others in some way, so everyone is pretentious! Yayz for an awesome world. Oh, also, when spit randomly drips out of my French horn onto my lap/down my arm (when I'm just buzzing a lot in the mouthpiece)' And obsequious people.
  21. Those are really nice, thank you so much Shajana!
  22. People typing "yeha" instead of "yeah" makes me laugh because I always think "Yeeehawww!" Likewise, I hate "teh" partially because I often accidentally type that, and because it just annoys me. Also, Rhea, in that teacher "Cook"'s post, "Just had a student ask how reading is going to benefit them..." "Them" should be "him or her." But other than that... that teacher's students are just... sigh.
  23. O_O I agree, kaicat. Its eyes. They stunned me into silence for a good ten minutes before I could think of anything to comment. But it's sooo cute! If all neglecteds look like this, there will be no more of them because everyone will want to hug and snuggle them. Oh, also, I enjoy both of your styles - your chibis are so D'AWWWW CUUUTE, but your non-chibis look so mature, dynamic (love the poses, like the gray), and the shading is just... wow (for both)
  24. Is it okay if I request a dragon? I know I have already requested one before. DC or dragon request?: DC What Type of dragon?: Skywing Gender: Uh, male I guess (not too much of a difference) Baby or Adult?: Baby
  25. Ohhh, now I see! (I missed it - derp) Are waitlist/request different things? It says your requests are closed so I'm just confused. Ah, I read your first page. Got it now.