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  1. Thank you so much! A swallow would be ironic and kind of funny, although it's up to you C:
  2. I agree with you about your first piece of art and progress, I definitely like it. The shading is pretty phenomenal Your drawing of Skoll looks pretty intense, too. I would like to request something. Could you draw a male swallow tail dragon flying during a sunset over a lake (sort of like this one), with a small hill or something in the background, along with a little bird or too? It's really detailed, so take as much time as you need for it. If it's too detailed, just let me know. Thanks for sharing your art.
  3. It's so bright... my eyes... Gah! Oh well, it's pretty so I'll use it.
  4. The pillows are the cutest, chubbiest, friendliest looking dragons ever. I love them. The swallowtails are just beautiful and breathtaking. I love them too. Thanks to the artists for this great release.
  5. Gah, I feel like a derpface for forgetting two days ago, but happy late thread anniversary! You've been drawing dragons for over a year now and just wanted to say, we really appreciate it. Glad to hear you'll be taking a well-deserved recuperation break.
  6. Both of them are insanely cool, thanks Maple!
  7. The deer is adorable <3 Making stickers and buttons would be a great idea.
  8. Ohh, I see. That makes sense. *should stop assuming* A Roon llama could result in a cuteness overload C: Although there's probably no such thing as too much cute... Can't wait for your other works.
  9. Roon, you're back! *Steals Alpaca and unintentionally RheaZen as well*
  10. RheaZen, I'm jealous, I want your cake (as long as it's not a lie - although, I don't really get that). I love... to bake, not so much cook (I think there's a slight distinction between the two). The problem is that usually I don't have the necessary ingredients around the house :/ However, making cookies is fun.
  11. I just learned that I love colby jack cheese too Oh crap, that reminds me! I need to eat my four cheese pizza for lunch. *Had a late breakfast*
  12. D'AWWWW he's so cute baby-fied! I have the song on my phone, my friend sent it to me xP Just double-checking, you use a tablet and photoshop, right?
  13. I'm not a big fan of IOU's, although I do give them out and occasionally accept them. However, after I traded my first bred gold away and the person who received it never paid me back because his/her scroll got burned, I was kind of annoyed. I still have to pay back a few IOU's, usually with my metallics and trios, which makes it hard to pay them back, and makes it slightly annoying because when I finally breed a metallic, I have to give it away But I understand it's my own choice so I should live up to it. I try my best to do so. I still have to pay some back, and I haven't forgotten them (my metallics/trios just refuse to breed). I'm trying to do fewer IOU's because they tend to be extremely binding. Edit: Also, this quote sums it all up: "The doer of favors is more consistent, since he tries to retain the gratitude he has earned, while the receiver is more grudging, feeling he repays a debt rather than does a worthy thing." -Pericles
  14. AHHAHHAWHEIOFAWIHOEFHA creepy crawlies freak me out, although that sea slug looks okay. Meh. I generally don't like things with that many legs O_O
  15. No problem, thanks again Maple!
  16. No problem, ath C: Also, just wondering, did you draw the picture for AnnieLyla's avi?
  17. I think it was a gold that I traded for... although if you consider stripes rare, then it was a stripe that I caught in the AP.
  18. Wow, last night I just had this really creepy dream that had to do with hotels and Harry Potter. For some reason, uh... (uh-oh, this always happens. Whenever I wake up, I remember my dreams super clearly, but as the day goes on, and the harder I try to recall them, the more I forget them). Okay, well, what I remember is, in one scene, I was trying to go to my hotel room on the elevator because I needed to get this important... thing (I remember it looking like a CD player/case that would play some important CD. Yeah, weird). But the elevator kept opening up and letting in people who, for some reason, I recognized as enemies who were trying to steal the thing. I grabbed someone who I thought was a friend to keep company, but that person really didn't help. And so, the these bad guys would come in and not let the elevator close and let me get to my hotel room. Also, suddenly, the elevator expanded and these two people driving cars drove in and were trying to fight each other. Finally, I gave up on the elevator, grabbed my companion, and decided to take the stairs. However, I got paranoid about the companion and told him I could go up by myself. When I finally got to my floor, I temporarily blanked out on my room number, because the doors on the side of the hall I was looking at all had numbers starting with "8" but my room number had "2"'s in it. Then I turned around and saw my dream hotel room (I emphasize this because I don't actually live in a hotel, and the following number is not my "hotel" room), 221. I sensed that someone was already there, so I suddenly had a wand and used "hominem revelio." Indeed, there was a person in there. I can't remember if I exactly did this, but I put on Harry's invisibility cloak and used my "hotel card" to open the door. It made the loud clicking noise so subtlety was out of the question, and I immediately moved out of the way to dodge the spell that shot out of a door. Since this theoretical hotel room was shaped like a bottleneck, I quickly ran inside and grabbed the important... thing from the pillowcase. I think I stunned the person, and then this frog offered to help me. Um, this is the cruel part, I didn't want its help so I threw it out the window. Afterward, I reached the ground floor and found the frog again, it was alive and landed on its feet. I finally decided to let it help me. Then I drove with Harry Potter or something to this store, but this evil woman had caught up and was already there. Ron and Hermione joined us by car, and somehow my family was there too. The evil woman started controlling my friends and turning them into creepy robot-ish things and they started chasing after us. I lost track of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, but all of my classmates were just closing in on me and giggling creepily. It freaked me out. I tried to use "stupefy" and "petrificus totalus" (I actually first said "rigor mortis" because I couldn't remember what it was called) but they didn't work for very long. Then I woke up because I didn't know enough Harry Potter spells. It was disturbing, though, because I couldn't just "avada kedavra" or "sectumsempra" my friends, so... Um, this post is too long.
  19. I tend to choose mythological names for my dragons, or I name them after code. Sometimes, when I can't think up an epic name, I'll just make up a silly one. A lot of times, I'll think up a name that isn't very original but sounds pretty and is therefore taken, so I'll change the language and I end up mixing and matching languages to form the names that I want.
  20. If you really wanna know whether they're open or not, Saif, you can: 1) Read the subtitle (topic description) 2) Read the first post
  21. Thank you so much Maple, it's beautiful! Sorry for that flower-drawing torture I put you under >.< Vocaloid? I think I'll google that. Haha good choice with the game soundtrack. I usually take naps when I'm reading textbooks/studying for my social studies classes... they just make me pass out. Erm, would you mind putting the text on for the rosebud? If you can't/it doesn't fit/it burns that's fine just wondering sorry! Ack.
  22. It's probably not possible as of yet, nor will it be for a long time, to inhabit the moon, but, actually, we have enough food to feed everyone on the planet thanks to high yield seeds. The reason why people go hungry is because food is not distributed evenly and to the people who need it. Those with more money easily buy food and squander it (think the United States, I think there was a news report about how people waste tons of food per week/month/year), while those who don't earn enough money can't even afford it. It's not the lack of food, it's where the food ends up. Also, I gotta say, it'd be kind of fun to imagine ourselves moon-walking, and seeing space from a different perspective. Who says the Earth has to die for us to move? I think it's a given that if Earth blows up we'll all be too dead to move to the moon. I'd assume that people would move away ahead of time. There's only so much the Earth can do to us and we can do to it, and there will probably be a point when something dramatic happens, but you're right, we'll definitely all be dead before that. Let our poor offspring deal with it, I guess. At least the Earth has been going strong for several billion years, let's hope it can keep it up.
  23. I've had some weird dreams about people, but my scariest ones are when I take tests and either A) I fail or I don't know any of the answers, or when I forgot to do homework. Then I wake up and can't decide if they were real or not, and I panic. Edit: Dang emotes.