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  1. Sinsdaemn, how did you do that? It's amazing! Just double-checking, will the easter eggs be like the halloween treats in that it's best to use firefox and internet explorer instead of chrome for them?
  2. I think cats don't like the smell of oranges and will stay away from the smell, so if you put orange peels on furniture they will not claw that. For scratching people, though... uh, I guess eat a lot of oranges so the smell stays on your hands? Ah, the problem would be that she might not want you to pet her... hmm...
  3. zephyr_123

    Rebecca Black

    Sockehhh who are you addressing? I didn't pay attention to where I put the ellipsis, I was just addressing your quote. Also, I think you interpreted my words in a different way then I intended. I stated that insulting, judging, and attacking her to the point of making her extremely upset because of her video is petty and should not be acceptable. A bad music video shouldn't define a person's personality, or even his or her true ability (apparently she can still sing the song pretty decently without auto-tune). I suppose it's inevitable that people would insult her for something like that, though, which is why I stated in my first post that responses to Rebecca's song reveal the negative side of human nature. I'm sorry to hear that, but keep in mind I was stating what I believe is a generally accepted opinion (that Rebecca Black is not an extremely talented singer). I'm sure there are numerous exceptions. From what you've said, though, I feel like you were talking more about the video than the singing, in which case, yeah, I guess it would be hard to put together such a video (I don't really know how to use the video-making technology out there).
  4. DC forums weren't working for me yesterday so this is delayed, but I love how you made the red panda have blue eyes instead of dark brown, they become very striking and really contrast the panda's fur. *sigs*
  5. I'm impressed by how much people here keep track of breedings. Maybe I should do that. I've only been able to breed commons recently, no trios or metallics. All of them "fail to produce an egg."
  6. zephyr_123

    Rebecca Black

    Excuse my incorrect diction, then. Yes, I stated that's why people are jealous: because she is famous, the ones who made her famous are not, yet she is not any more talented than those who made her famous. I'm not sure what you're trying to say, though. I agree that people want to be famous for better reasons than the one she is famous for. Oh, you think I haven't watched the video several times/heard the song/watched numerous parodies of it? I should have been more specific. It is petty to state that she should "cut herself and die" and she should "go anorexic to look pretty." Likewise, it's callous and mean to say "how's it petty to insult her..." There is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Insulting her because her music video is bad is cruel and unnecessary (although, unfortunately, not unusual). From what I've read, her parents paid some company just to feature their daughter (Rebecca) in it, and she had no say as to what the lyrics would be or how the video would turn out, she just sang the pre-written lyrics.
  7. zephyr_123

    Lady Gaga

    I used to hate her and think she was just looking for attention. After reading one of her interview, though, I think she's actually kind of a good person for her AIDS awareness campaign and her support for LGBT rights.
  8. zephyr_123

    Rebecca Black

    I think people don't like her because they're jealous of her fame and believe that she didn't deserve it. It's kind of contradictory because the people who curse her are the ones who brought her to fame. It's really petty, too, because they watch the video and then insult her. The backlash against Rebecca Black sort of reveals a negative side of human nature. I personally think that she deserves to be just as famous as any singer because pop songs are just as repetitive and meaningless as "Friday," they just have more references to sex which makes them more popular and accepted. Also, people who are "good singers" are usually good because they can sing challenging music, which is usually less popular classical music. Pop stars just look attractive, have connections, and are somehow relatable. Almost no pop star can actually sing, they all just auto-tune. The singing part is the least important about them, now that I think about it.
  9. Thank you so much Roon! Just anticipating the cuteness overload almost kills me
  10. Oops, I totally forgot to consider how difficult it would be to draw them. Merpderp ^^" Hm, with red panda... reaching for a ladybug or just munchin' bamboo while chillin' in a tree is what I think of.
  11. The gryphon has such a cute face :3 I'm having trouble deciding from all these cute creatures, so I'll list a few. If you want me to be more specific/narrow it down, I'll do that too. (That rhymes, woohoo). Emperor Tamarin, and pine marten playing in a tree I also do think penguins are adorable, so, maybe... the little blue penguin? Might think of more, I'll edit this post if I do. Edit: Oh, and when all goes awry, there's always the super cute huggable giant panda and red panda combo.
  12. Its cute baby eyes are captivating, and I love its color. I would steal it if it didn't need to live in water. Would this catfish screech (like a cat) if it got stolen? /doesn't intend to try, don't wanna disturb its peaceful adorableness
  13. I got my silver a while ago, but can't remember exactly when :3 Still got a long way to go until gold...
  14. I was thinking about that, but I'm finding it hard to determine what's would be considered "discussing Roon's art" and what would be off-topic. I don't mean to try and usurp you or question your authority. I just want clarification for something. Would one only be allowed to talk about art? Basically, I think each previous post contains one "on-topic" comment and one "off-topic" one. All comments must only be completely about Roon's art?
  15. Hahaha I almost considered that, which is why I didn't specify which ate which, but you can just see something in the mouse's expression. AP tests are hard, but dumb (collegeboard can make tests like that). Ah! Good luck on your placement tests!
  16. ...*creeps in an does awkward jig to kick through any possible tension* And that's impressive for a warm-up It looks like they're talking to each other/communicating in a way that doesn't mean one will end up eaten. The lion is so cute, and the mouse is such an adorable weetle baby! I'm really glad you're back, Roon, and that you're stress-free (on the other hand, I have AP's next month... wait, less than that. AHH! I hope I'm still alive after that). /valiantly tries to be flippant
  17. I WANT THIS DRAGON DRAWN! Username: zephyr_123 Dragon type: Male Swallowtail and Female Purple Ridgewing DC: Yes If non DC: N/A Stage of the dragon: The female purple ridgewing chasing the male swallowtail's tails. If that's too difficult,/demanding, could you just draw them circling one another, as if they were spiraling? Speech Bubble: No If yes, the dragon says: N/A ...Aaaand requests literally disappeared in one minute.
  18. It's impressive that your most recent drawing was all made by photoshop, it has such a colored-pencil texture to it.
  19. Thanks for the heads-up.
  20. The shading is amazing. You keep improving. And lol, didn't think of -that- until it was mentioned