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  1. Wait spaghetti fingers made me laugh so hard, and actually out loud Also I feel like that kinda calls for a story in which he finds the one who shoots pasta sauce and it becomes an epic adventure/romance. But I'm sappy like that. Also, there could be enemies/friends who shoot parmesan or pesto. K thinking too much about this now. It's cool to see your non-digital art too.
  2. Thank you! They look awesome! *Sets new background* From my pleb non-artist point of view, I really don't think losing touch has happened, I would say maybe change of style? To having more defined outlines. Versus us experiencing "closure" from the Gestalt effect, lol (aka having our brains complete the image). All the thanks, keep up the great work. And because you seem really busy - let me know if you don't have time to do this - but could I also request a minimalist wallpaper of Ba'ul carrying the Fiertia ship?
  3. Technically I'm not at 5 years yet, I joined August 4, 2010, but I'm getting there. I think I'm the only person though who completely quit for four years - starting around June 2011, missed everything, uh, randomly collected one dragon along the way - and came back. There have been so many changes. For one, the dragons that people value are way different... CB blacks (alt and normal), CB stripes, CB vines (alt usually), CB hellfires, and CB nebulas used to be some of the more valuable trade offers (after CB golds and silvers, obviously). And I think there are at least twice as many dragons as there were when I was playing from 2010-2011. Basically I think, with the incentives to use the AP more and the more frequent departure notices, the site has gotten maybe easier/more fair. Also, kinda funny reason why I came back - was bored, procrastinating on work, decided to check on DC, was playing with BSAs, tried summon, succeeded. O_o Aaaand now I'm back to my high school days, spending inordinate amounts of time clicking and staring at the screen. Sigh. Too lazy to rename everything.
  4. Ahh yay, thank you so much! Vesperia was my one of my favorite series growing up (also played Symphonia and loved it too). It was funny how Tales series set such high standards for life, like, yeah I'm not even legal (in the States) and I've already saved the world a few times. You? But I loved the worlds in them, and the stories. Especially the stories. Btw did you ever get Rita up to firing 10 fireballs? haha (now I wanna play Tales again).
  5. Hi, your minimalist wallpapers are super cool! Could I request one of Judith (from Vesperia)? And if it's not too much, maybe also one of Ba'ul carrying the ship? If that's a lot, just the latter would be fine! Thanks for sharing your work C:
  6. Aaack, have not been able to find time on here lately I sorta float around here occasionally, but, yeah. AHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH EARTHY! They're absolutely beautiful and breathtaking <3
  7. Bwawhh, I haven't been on here in a while I'm so glad you're back! The blue flames around the chakras are absolutely gorgeous. EDIT: I also love how they chakras form an upside-down heart with their pose, it's very lovely.
  8. /is blown away. Can't wait to see what the biomes will look like.
  9. Everything's visible on my scroll, usually. Sometimes I hide my name. I tried hiding my scroll once but I think fogging is enough, and I have trouble with fansites when I hide my scroll.
  10. I've not the connections to ask for a Tinsel. I think I'm not very connected to the people on this site, in general (no family members or siblings here). Therefore, I don't like to ask people I've never known, ever, for a tinsel. To put it euphemistically, it forces me to feel thankful for what I already have (which is a lot. Only by comparing it to what others have it seems like less C:) I know there's a pretty decent rule that, if you're generous, people will be generous back. Those who are generous usually have enough rare dragons themselves to be generous to others, though. Regardless, generosity is appreciated, applauded, and lauded (passive voice, oops). People also enjoy having the feeling of power that comes with having a tinsel. You can ask whatever you want for it, but you can also gain the title of "extremely generous" by gifting it. I think that's what people are generally looking for when they trade for a tinsel. Lastly, I understand that I'm starting to sound angry, but acknowledge that I shouldn't. This game naturally becomes plutocratic in nature because some dragons are given more value than others, and that encourages the competitive atmosphere to collect more dragons. It's important to understand that, in the end, you still have however much you earn in real life, and that's what affects your future the most.
  11. Earthgirl welcome back! And of course you come back with epicness by posting your beautiful art C:
  12. zephyr_123

    Rebecca Black

    One thing that I don't like Rebecca Black for (well, it's technically her song's fault, but whatever) is that now, whenever someone says, "It's Friday!" I can't help but think of the song. What used to be a happy phrase now is just... ugh, nooo don't get stuck in my head...
  13. I've never had lice. The thought of it scares me, though, I'm terrified of bugs.
  14. I've yet to kiss/be kissed. The thought of it scares me since I have absolutely no experience in it.
  15. Thank you so much for the reschedule of the easter egg hunt, I'm unbelievably grateful.
  16. Zephstra (yay for three consonants in a row! xP)
  17. I'm a bit upset that the site is down as well. I know it's not purposeful or anyone's fault, but I don't have much time to log on for the long periods of time necessary to collect eggs (studying, school work, etc) and the fact that Easter egg collecting was mostly during the week made it harder to find time to log on. And when I finally did get the chance to log on, the site was down. Also, just double-checking, dragons will be credited with time they lost right?
  18. Hahaha, the irony, vacationing from DC in DC... Can't wait to see more from you :3 (I don't mean that to seem like I'm trying to rush you, by the way).
  19. I'm glad that at least a few people are breeding metallics now, hopefully it's a good sign for a few weeks down the road C: I hope I can be one of those people soon... >.< I still haven't bred any stripes, metallics, or trios in a few weeks.
  20. Glad you're back Suraku, and that you took a well-deserved break C:
  21. How do people get so many eggs so quickly? I still have 12 >.< Haha. Oh, wait, now 13. Yay for progress
  22. zephyr_123

    Rebecca Black

    Oh, I see what you mean now! I agree with you, there are definitely exceptions. I was probably too general by saying "everyone." She's definitely not horrible.
  23. I haven't taken a bath in a really long time (I have showered instead. Yes, I am a clean person).
  24. I'll see if I can help out too! Do you still do pastry commissions?