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    Thank you to GForce, Ayobelle, Skinst, Arlymaye, Serendipity, Terpsichore, BloodWings, Terpsichore, _Z_, and Stealthy for their generosity.

    Thank you to Mickiloo, Digidude, Shajana, Shaydra, Googleplaxin, TPishek, Tsukoyami, Grish, Roon and Maple for their mad art skillz.

    I've started a lineage with CB skywings and CB fogs, so I am always willing to trade for those eggs! I also am in need of CB purple ridgewings and CB swallowtails, so I am willing to negotiate and trade for those as well. PM me.

    In my sig, |Daydream dragon by Tsuko|

    >>Check my DA for information.<< 2/28/2011