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  1. I bred one of my hollies, and I still have another holly to breed. I'm hoping to breed it in the coming days, so let me know if you don't have one and really really want one. Unfortunately, I can only guarantee one holly egg, but the rest of them will go to the AP.
  2. I bred both of my hollies for an IOU and a holly, and 3 hollies were autoed.
  3. I'd say holly. While I had the good fortune of getting two, one was an AP snipe and the other was a gift from an incredibly nice person. Tinsels are exceedingly more common nowdays, CB metals are obtainable (it's trueeeee), and NDs are tradeable. Hollies are only obtainable once a year for one breeding, and other dragons are obtainable throughout the entire year. so yes, hollies.
  4. greedy rare hoarder. no doubt. 8D
  5. I just FFA-ed a silver tinsel in the IRC about an hour ago, so gratz to whoever got it. And see, it IS possible to get tinsels without trading your soul and a half.
  6. I recently bred a silver egg, but that was the first once since this drought started. O_o
  7. Okay, I am a tinsel trader, and I admit that we do ask for these things. However, how many offers with CB metals do I actually get? None. Okay fine, one, but that was when there were like 3 bred tinsels out there. I do, however, get offers for inbred balloons and "plz plz plz ill giv3 u 3v3ry th1ng th4t i h4v3 0n my scrll 4nd br33d1ng pr0mi$3$ 3xcept th3 rares plz plz plz plz plz". I don't really want to speak for all tinsel owners here, because it could be just me, but most of us do expect to get quite a bit of stuff for tinsels. So while CB metals may be unrealistic for so
  8. Not to start a huge debate, but i have to say this: Tinsels ARE probably some of the rarest dragons right now. They're on par with hollies right now for rarity, and everyone knows just how hard it is to get hollies during christmas season. And if you have a tinsel, you have the right to ask for the rare things, simply because they ARE incredibly rare. It doesn't make sense to trade a CB gold for an inbred balloon, so why would tinsel owners do the same when it comes to tinsels? And with this breeding drought, tinsels are being affected as well. So they aren't being bred every w
  9. I have hidden my scroll before (on christmas) because my scroll got attacked by one angry person. However, the majority of people on DC are nice when it comes to scrolls, so I find no need to keep my scroll hidden (and it makes hatching eggs a lot more annoying), so no, i don't keep my scroll hidden.
  10. I have bronzes and silvers, but I'm on a ton of lists for silvers and golds. :]
  11. alt sweetlings and silver tinsels. <3
  12. I lost a silver prize egg during the downtime. That was quite possibly the most annoying thing that happened on this site. But hey, I can't really complain about it. The site is up and working again, and I might be able to persuade the person who bred me it to breed me another one, so hopefully all can be well~
  13. They didn't breed when metals were breeding so much that I autoed about 20 metals at any given time? And they bred during the drought?
  14. I have noticed an increase in CB trios. I've seen maybe 5 CB thunders recently. And I've caught one. But still, huge increase.
  15. Because of these ratios correcting themselves, is there a slightly increased chance of obtaining a CB rare? I checked the NDER, and I saw one gold on the site-- a CB one, too. And I've tried to breed all my metals twice. and i've gotten zero. I've also not bred any prizes recently at all. But I did breed a nice little 2nd gen thunder. But that's just about it.
  16. I think I sent you a PM, asking for a possible trade. I never got a reply, though. I think I tried to be nice, but I just came off as whiny and obnoxious. Back on topic, i've actually noticed that beggings are worst during the holiday seasons, especially christmas and halloween. On Christmas, I got so many random PMs asking for holly breedings. And on Halloween, when I had 5 Marrows, I had people saying "Hey, i never got a marrow, give me one!".
  17. I bred one 2nd gen thunder. After I tried to breed 50 metallics. And I got zero metals.
  18. Oh yeah. My most memorable PM for a "request": During christmas, I had the awesomeness to get not one, but two hollies. I wake up the next day, and I get a PM demanding that I give this one person not one but BOTH of the hollies that I had, because they claimed to be a more "senior member" than me and that I "didn't deserve to have one holly at all, let alone two". And then I freaked out at this person and I've never seen them again.
  19. I've been asked for some pretty rare stuff, but on the most part the people who ask have been polite, which I usually have no problem with. Occasionally, I get that one mean-annoying-egotistical person who PMs me for something and demands that i give it to them. But dealing with those types of people is pretty fun. :] I'm actually thinking about hiding the contents of my scroll....it's getting a tiny bit annoying. but w/e, gotta spread the love somehow. :/