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5tdo.pngClick on the holly egg for my scroll! :DIf you have a CB metallic or CB gold/silver prize dragon, please PM me? I'm willing to trade quite a bit of stuff for it. :]

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    High Priority Wishlist:
    !! 2nd gen gold prize dragon
    !! 2nd gen silver prize dragon
    !! 2nd gen bronze prize dragon
    2x 2nd gen blacks from alt sweetling fathers
    CB Black (male)
    CB Stripe (male)
    CB Magma (female)
    CB Silver
    CB Ice
    CB Thunder
    CB Gold
    3rd gen even gold with a pure gold/white lineage
    2nd gen PB stripes
    2nd gen PB blacks
    A Neglected...dundundun
    2nd gen thuwed
    2nd gen dorkface
    Other low gen metallics

    Medium Priority Wishlist:
    CB Reds
    CB Purples
    CB Sunsongs
    CB Pinks
    CB Whites
    CB Magis
    Inbred curled black alt (S1 Freezing)
    Sitting black alt (S1 freezing)
    2nd gen PB vine eggs
    2nd gen blunas
    CB Hellfires
    CB Seasonals
    2nd gen Geodes
    CB Nebulas

    Low Priority Wishlist (aka CB commons I've been too lazy to get):
    CB Female Albino
    CB Male/Female Balloon
    CB Male BBW
    CB Male Canopy
    CB Female Coastal Waverunner
    CB Male/Female Daydream
    CB Female Deepsea
    CB Male Flamingo
    CB Male/Female Night/Day Glories
    CB Female Grey
    CB Male Guardian
    CB Male Harvest
    CB Male/Female Horse
    CB Female Water
    CB Male/Female Mint
    CB Male Neotropical
    CB Female Nocturne
    CB Male Ochredrake
    CB Male Purple Ridgewing
    CB Male Tan Ridgewing
    CB Male Skywings
    CB Male Stone
    CB Male/Female Sunset
    CB Male Sunrise
    CB Male Terrae
    CB Female Waterhorse
    CB Male Waterwalker
    CB Male/Female Whiptail