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  1. Happily Egglocked. The chirping Eggs were really harder to get ^^'
  2. I hope I got them all, then. I was able to collect a few which I missed from last years, but now I see none appearing anymore, so I should have them all all.
  3. Neat. Do the Seasonals kinda look different, too, or is it just me? I know they got several updates throughout the years but this one seems new as well.
  4. Feels fine to me. At least like that I can hunt differently during the holiday seasons, right?
  5. Yeah, the only problem about Market Dragons is, that they can't be traded. So we will surely never get the orange version from the bought Cantomaris Dragon Eggs, unless @TJ09 changes this circumstance.
  6. Well, if you expect an AP Egg to hatch Pink, actually, and turns out to be a different colour although you didn't do anything, then its odd xD
  7. Interesting. I just caught an abandoned Egg which hatched red. It was already last stage broken, so I didn't use any BSAs. Does that mean, either the hatching colour is random or abandoning does not make wear off the BSA used?
  8. I see, I see... and what happens if we do nothing? xD is the colour random, then?
  9. But once you incubate, it will stay red, no? Because I incubated all, influenced 2, but they stayed red. Some BSA seem to have a dominance or something? I used Precognition after Incubating and it worked. But when using Influence after Incubate, it does nothing? So it kinda needs a certain rythm to it?
  10. OK Got 2 of them via Teleport, were at the beginning of my Scroll. Incubated them, they moved down. Used Precognition, and they moved back up. Lets see what will hatch...
  11. In my case, I never noticed them changing their sort. I incubated them all, but the row they were listed, remained the same...
  12. Aaaah the beauties. All of them ❤️
  13. Same here, 403 Forbidden since yesterday.
  14. Mini Releases like these are nice. At least I then don't have to abandon all the other eggs I caught and are important to me. Looking forward to see the Hatchies and Adults!
  15. I'd totally love new Gemshard Colours now. They'd fit so well to the new Xenos ^u^ I love to breed my Xenos with Gemshards so maybe thats an idea? xD
  16. Happily locked with 7 Xeno Eggs, again xD
  17. Could it be they only show up if you have at least one of each Xeno? I noticed while collecting the new ones, that this different description did not show up, yet. But now it does.
  18. Same here, I found a different description and was like, WHAT? whats this?
  19. I love the purple ones so much already. We need more purple dragons xD *fav colour*
  20. Colours of the Pygmies seem random like the Gemshards, I think. Got some of several different Biomes, Alpine turned Blue, Forest red and Jungle green.
  21. Wow, these Adults are most beautiful!