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  1. I forgot what - is censored to. I think there should be like an off-off topic section, where no posts count to your post count. But you couldn't just spam there, it has to follow the normal rules.
  2. Sounds like my parents except.... My mom is like: "Y U NO HAS A+ U HAS 89% U GROUNDED TELL U HAS BETTER GRADEZ" And I'm like Dx
  3. First dead was a gold. Second a silver third a christmas.
  4. I got concussed this morning ._. I was running in the hall with my socks on, slid on the tile, and my head hit the doorknob. Hard. Dx
  5. Was running down the hall in fifth grade. Idiot in front of me just stopped, and behind me a fat kid ran into me, I went flying, nearly got a concussion when I slammed my temple onto the corner of a metal door frame.
  6. http://minecraft.net/skin/skin.jsp?user=ToasterAthiesm
  7. ToasterAthiesm

    10 on 10-10-10

    Try to edit your posts instead of double posting. I don't see any difference in loading by clicking snap links or clicking normally
  8. Awesome game! Playing the classic.
  9. My cat is an evil little spazoid
  10. TJ, may I ask why you have a dino next to your name? /offtopic question
  11. I'll join. I'll bite/freeze all I can. If it's an alt I'll let it grow though, is that bad?
  12. http://www.unicreatures.com/areas.php?wild=10324
  13. http://sealim1.myminicity.com/ You?