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  1. I've been wondering what healers do you use? I've been using Genny, but mainly as dps. I've also used Priscilla but she doesn't contribute anything other than masssive heals.
  2. I have been steam rolling everything with Arvis since I promoted him to 5 stars and gave him fury. I cleared my way through the entire chain in the area with him. I also managed to pull Arya today, but unfortunately I don't have anything good right now that inst in use so I cant build a team around her. The tempest trial is going great though. I can clear it much faster than I could the previous one.
  3. The blackout skin sounds similar to what you are looking for. Unfortunately it was retired due to a lack of use so it is no longer accessible to anyone who was not using it at the time and it no longer receives updates.
  4. Obtain a CB of all the xenomorphs Name all of my luminas Name the rest of my dragons obtain more cb light luminas mass breed my luminas I have really fallen behind lately on some of those (specifically the last one).
  5. The techonmancer Grunt enemies hit me for 1/3 my health every hit. Can't dodge it either if you're surrounded.
  6. I was secretly hoping for a biome entirely for luminas. The likelihood of that happening was slim, so I will settle for another egg slot for luminas.
  7. Alternate through all the biomes quickly and sometimes get lucky.
  8. A cave always full of CB luminas. On a realistic note, more room for cb lumina eggs.
  9. Wait a release on a Friday. That really threw me off.
  10. Well i added my catch but i still have no idea what the moon phases currently are
  11. Male Neglected: https://dragcave.net/lineage/UOmb7
  12. If you are ever mass breeding luminas I would like to know so I can contribute.
  13. I am one achievement away from finishing the achievements in FFXV. Gladio just needs to hurry up and level up once so I can get it! I went to do the sealed doors and walked into one expecting to spend a few hours. I soon realized this was the 100 floor dungeon and proceeded to spend 5 hours on it and its murderous tonberries. Don't go to the sealed door in Steyliff unless you have time to kill. The adamantoise fight didn't even take near as long as that dungeon.
  14. If I had known we were breeding celestials, I would have bred my luminas to celestials to join in on the fun. I didn't at the time because that was a lot more clicking. I didn't even finish the hoard, I quit somewhere around 400 because my hand is tired. I'm not massbreeding againt until at least late may. As an announcement: 1) If I bred a messy line, sorry I didn't know it wasn't cb. 2)If you find a pair you like with unnamed parents, I will gadly name them if you send me the link to the offspring.
  15. Just bred about 400 white luminas and got 0 white luminas
  16. Just an FYI there totally wont be 400+ luminas bred at some point in the next few days (likely tomorrow night).
  17. Well I just realized waiting until the last day to do it all was a bad idea mainly because I had the wrong day as the last day. I'll wait for it to be uploaded I guess.
  18. Come up with something stupid no on else will have bothered to use.
  19. Caught a CB silver. I thought it was copper. I really need to relearn these descriptions.
  20. I should be able to start doing weekly breeding of luminas for data. Approximately how many would you like bred a week?
  21. I plan to breed some a week, but I'm going to wait until Thursday for that. As for a separate sheet, I can make that for the lumina I will be breeding regularly since I know which those will be. In regards to the breeding the whole hoard, I am open to do that if you think it will have any effect on the ratios, but if I breed the hoard I don't plan to record them as that would extend the duration considerably.
  22. Well if the belief is ratios still need to catch up, I have 480 luminas I can breed again to assist in the ratios. I wouldn't be recording them in the log though, that took far too long.