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  1. Christmas '16 breeding projects?

    The people who reserved my CB Snows chose Silver Lunars and Almeralds. Silver Lunars are on the 1st page so I won't re-add the image.
  2. What is your current bad luck.

    I've been trying to get Golds out of Sinii-Krais since their debut in April. *grumbles*
  3. DC Community Notice Board

    Freshly Hatched CB.
  4. DC Community Notice Board

    2G PB
  5. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    HAVE CB Gold. Can graciously add (I catch CB Metals/Rares regularly). WANT 2G Prize. Please PM me.
  6. DC Community Notice Board

    Freshly Hatched CB
  7. What is your current bad luck.

    Someone posts that they need something. I Breed it for them within 2 minutes and send it along. No reply for 5 hours (and counting). Sometimes I wonder what happens to them in the 2 minutes it takes them to post and for me to Breed my Dragons...
  8. DC Community Notice Board

    Thank you very much.
  9. Breeding, Gifting!

    PREDATOR → Rykan: Green Spinel (ACCEPTED)
  10. Snow Angel Breeding Plans

    I have Tri-Color. My least favorite of them, of course! Since I have no CBs of my own however, I want to try to trade for a 2G from a Anagallis mate.
  11. DC Community Notice Board

    Offering my CB Snows for Xmas Breeding. Z' Snow Villiers - Z' Snowa I have every CB Dragon, including Metallics and Rares. Holidays are off limits. Please PM me if you'd like a 2G Snow, and tell me which Breed you want for the mate. Will edit this post when both Snows have been reserved.
  12. Z Project

    I Bred a "pure" Z and have been raising it absentmindedly on my scroll. I was going through my "pure" Z Group today and I realized I already have an Adult from the exact same sire. So, I don't need this egg, since it would cause Inbreeding eventually. I can't believe I just wasted a slot on my scroll for 3 days.
  13. Stupid things you've done on dc

    Making a goal of smashing my record of 53 Hatchlings raised to Adulthood in one day. No idea how I even did 53 to begin with tbh.
  14. DC Community Notice Board

    3G from Female Omen! It's their first baby, so please, please be kind to it.
  15. Names you can't believe you got.

    Glass Cutter for a Diamondwing. Huh.
  16. What is your current bad luck.

    Wondering how many Autumn CBs I can come up with in 10 days.
  17. The Congrats Thread, V6

    Just bred this and it's so pretty. (Hopefully my Silver Shimmer from Female Omen is just as cooperative!)
  18. DC Community Notice Board

    2G PB
  19. DC Community Notice Board

    2G PB
  20. What is your current bad luck.

    6 Teleports with 4 Hatchlings on each? Uhm...
  21. The Congrats Thread, V6

    It's finally on my scroll!!! *SQUEE* Now I have two Omen Prize Lines to continue. Day DEFINITELY made!
  22. Writing Your Own Book

    I'm wondering if anyone here has ever wrote a book, or is in the process of writing one. Published or Unpublished, it doesn't matter Personally, I'm presently piecing one together. I love creating my own worlds and characters in RolePlaying; that was my muse for stitching a book together. I will most likely post a few samples in this thread... eventually.
  23. A dragon trading thread V2! ~trading~

    HAVE 2G from Female Caligene. WANT ONE Low-Time* Hatchling. Any Breed, Lineage, and Gender. *Low-Time meaning preferably under 4D, 5H from becoming an adult. Please offer here!
  24. What is your current bad luck.

    I hit Namer's Block, if that's a thing.
  25. The Congrats Thread, V6

    That's not even the one I was waiting for, either. I have another coming from a Silver Shimmer. But the owner of this Silver Tinsel was being a sweetheart. I will definitely keep an eye on it. I'll fog it before I go to bed. No one's touched it, yet. I can't wait to start producing 3Gs from this one!