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    Over thinking, over analyzing, separates the body from the mind.
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NO IOUS  BREEDING ✔ PM ✔ ★ I delete my messages in my inbox (OCD!). Please send a new PM if I "leave a conversation". 

★ CB Golds for 2017 Halloweens! ★ Need 2G Caligenes/2G Witchlights? PM! (FREE!) ★  WISH: XENO CHECKERS

I COLLECT zRugT8X.pngCODES  Matt, Call of Duty (COD??), LV???, CB Name codes.  IF THIS TEXT IS A LINK, THERE'S AN EGG BEHIND IT.

★ My Oath: If I win a CB Prize, 2Gs will never be traded, but rather gifted, apart from the few that I will keep for myself. 

zfEHvoX.jpg BXeNLGL.pngHNv1bfq.pngU9z0AU8.jpgbBXAJ5p.pngTn7Q40F.pngpredat0rs.png

♫ Tell me why does everything that I love get taken away from me? ♫ 

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    Lift me up and help me to fly away.