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  1. I think that with the changes with breedable holidays being adoptable that unfreezing should be allowed, but have the same limits as freezing does. Also that they would grow up instantly . Since most people also didn't freeze both their cb's perhaps a ten unfeeze limit max like with the summoning of GON's after the second you're just done?
  2. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/Morth not sure if I want to do a snowy forest or not on mine.
  3. goose! put I got goosed by Sweetness
  4. I'll stop at five since that's what Odeen said was the max group they live in. A couple daughters and unrelated females sounds nice.
  5. you flipped winter magis and ribbon dancers
  6. Has anyone seen Odeen's spriters alts yet?
  7. white wings here. I got four of them. They're all lovely.
  8. flags didn't though I also noticed the fondly regard comment on the towers, Pickle Inspector reference for the win.
  9. this I'm not complaining about because free snow. but when I edited my fort to replace the forts with the ice palace they replicated themselves twice, everything did but the walls. Anyone else get that? yeah the trees just copied themselves.
  10. both male and female raindeer have antlers, females actually keep theirs after the rut, it helps them find food durring the winter when they need it the most due to pregnancy.
  11. I don't know if I have two or not, my scroll won't load
  12. nothings working, I'm getting data base errors or my browser is crashing
  13. bring on the wall of christmas eggs!
  14. ten degrees F. There's a layer of ice over everything I Can't walk on the wood on my deck because it's slicker than a ice staking ring. Sunny though, no snow >___>
  15. -removed, see mod post a previous page back-
  16. I have three, they're messy, but not inbred. I was gifted them on the DC chat. People can be really generous.
  17. my two gons, a cb gold, a cb black from before they became common again
  18. two. Booo had two children the same as her
  19. Please snow please snow I don't want to go to work tomorrow
  20. grabbed it on a i pad. No browser history. Well looks like I'm stalking the apline to replace it. Yay, work a saterday after black friday as a cashier, comes back to see your new release egg is gone.
  21. my action log doesn't show anything from after the 19th
  22. hey I caught one of these before going to work. But it's gone, not on my scroll what * gives? I had one from the 30th but now when I checked my scroll the purple egg was gone. I KNOW it was one of those that I caught. But nope, not there anymore.
  23. I only did one zombie this year, first try got a new girl.
  24. I think the redfinned ones and deep sea dragons would look good together.