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  1. What the who is TJ the stats were awesome!
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    Unkown Bands

    The Devil Wears Prada for all the metal lovers
  3. Lol I used to have an obssesion with them:) I love Tom he was always my favourite. I really like their Schrei CD so in a bunch of cases the german is better... but I havent listen to thier new CD only automatic the song.Some of their best songs are on CDs though like In Die Nacht and Geh
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    My favourite are My Immortal and Hello. They got back together and they are comming out with a new CD in the fall Hopefully it is really good. I think the sad sounding songs are the best
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    I own 28 lol but I still need to read some of them
  6. and wait WAT lol i didnt know there were secret techniques I AGREE I HATE THE BLOCK HEAD he wasted so much of my time D:
  7. YEAH AWSOME GAME! Yup me and my friend beat it and got all teh brush techniques... im sad though i never did get teh last rosary beads