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  1. Can I request? This is my first request, so PLEASE? Trainer: Steven! Pokemon: Sky Shaymin! Direction: Right.
  2. Shay-la!

    Warrior Cats Books!

    I love the books! i haven't read OotS yet, though. I even gave most of my dragons Warrior names!
  3. Shay-la!

    Amore Here

    Okay, if you have the time, can you draw a Pygmy dragon playing with a Mint hatchling?
  4. I think it's currently Mints, Guardians and Balloons, because everyone has one and doesn't want to adopt one.
  5. My forum name is my favorite book character ever (I'm such a nerd) - Shay. From Uglies. You know, the book most of you have never heard of. my scroll name is another character from Uglies. .............
  6. I like rock-metal and rock-alternative. I can't stand pop, rap or country.
  7. Sweet! I want one!!! Sky Shaymin and Glaceon, please?
  8. Shay-la!


    MY #1 FAVORITE BAND! I've never been able to see them live, but I DID just buy "The Final Riot!". I don't really have a favorite of their songs, I like them all too much to choose!
  9. http://teamshay.deviantart.com/ I've only got a few pictures...
  10. Also, similarities: These were pointed out to me by another person... Star Wars - Princess Leia ambushed taking valuable data to rebels. Data in form of droids lands and is found by farmer boy. While gaining wisdom from a creepy old man, he comes back to see his home burned. Old man helps him travel in revenge, revealing he was once a Jedi. Going on... Eragon - Arya ambushed taking egg to Varden. Egg is found by farmer boy. While talking to Brom about dragons, he returns to see his farm burned. Brom helps him travel in revenge, revealing he was once a Dragon Rider... They're like the same.
  11. PARAMORE!!! They're my favorite band ever!! And not because of Twilight. I hate Twilight, I can't believe she'd go so low to put her songs on the soundtrack. I've never been to a concert, but I wish...
  12. They were about equal, but Eragon is a Star Wars parallel. I chose Percy Jackson.
  13. Shay-la!

    Your Theme Song

    Hey Hey - Superchick Break - Three Days Grace Turn It Off - Paramore My three theme songs. If you combine them, they tell my whole story.
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    I like Missing and Everybody's Fool. Evanescense is awesome!
  15. I'm a Guardian/Shield Dragon! I'm pure-bred too! My Forum username, nothing. My site username... I'm a Pink Dragon. Middle name, I'm a Skywing Female with one kid. Last name, I'm a red dragon. This is fun!
  16. It said, "you can't find the dragon you were looking for", not a search...
  17. How do you search for dragons? How do you find these things?
  18. "I, Shay-la!, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow" Once, I bred my Balloon dragon, I went to look at who adopted the egg, and it said, "unfortunately, this egg has been killed"
  19. I had a Canopy, a Bright-breasted Wyvern, a Dark Green and ... I don't remember. An Albino or a Waterhorse.
  20. The characters were all very developed. I can't wait for the next book. Although, who'll be the bad guy now?
  21. I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO LIKES ASHFUR? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE WORLD? Actually, I almost chose Scourge or Hollyleaf, but I changed my mind. Those are my three favorites. The ones who broke and went the wrong way. I love them.
  22. OMGEE I LOVE THOSE BOOKS! Jace is the best. Yeah, those books were perfect.
  23. I don't really like Firestar. And I hate Squirrelflight too. She was awesome as an apprentice, but after that... And Lionblaze, Sol... I hate them too. My most hated is Nightcloud...