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  1. Yep! I'm just not sure if I'm using it in my signature - i've already got another smaller one... But i did add it to the project page.
  2. The animation's cool, but it goes kinda slowly on my computer... I mean it's almost like it freezes up. But keep it - I like how distracting it is. Is it done now? I mean, can you post the URL?
  3. Sweet! It's epic! Well.... I guess I should ask for improvements, since you're not working on anything else right now... Uh, no. It's pretty perfect. If I ask you to change it, it'll be too much like the other one (in my sig). Actually, could the Neotropical be an adult? That's the only thing to be changed.
  4. My only Ice dragon has a huge mixed lineage with some rather interesting names in it: Laya Is Creep's Daydream, Lord Of Creation From The Self, Austyn Powers, He Who Wields The Knife, Tabasco Sauce, Lady Of Words Of Power, Lady Of Obscurity And Unknown, One Who Is Peaceful Of Heart and Queen Midas the 2nd, to name a few.
  5. I'm looking for a banner for my new lineage project... please? I'd like to request a banner. Username: Shay-la! Size: Not sure... to your discretion. Color Schemes: green and silver - gradient pattern. Text: Project Mockingjay Images You Want Me To Use: Mockingjay pin (from The Hunger Games cover), Nebula hatchie (matured male), female Neotropical, Thunder hatchie, red hatchie. Do The Images "Jump" Over The Border?: Nope. Other: Uh... can the words be in bold white font? Other than that, I'll leave it to your imagination.
  6. SAME! It's my absolute favorite series ever - And I heard the author wrote a screenplay for the movie - it'll be out 2011 sometime!!!
  7. I used to describe all of them, but I have too much to do now and now I only describe the special ones.
  8. I requested something and it didn't get done! Is there a reason for that?
  9. Haha I love your splices! Username: Shay-la! Pokemons to use: Vulpix and Pigeot Base pokemon: Vulpix What do you want me to do with them?: splice Versions of sprites: HG/SS Other: give it the wings!
  10. Username: Shay-la! Size: (I don't really get pixel-sizes.... not too big though.) Subject: Banner Images: The Mockingjay pin on the cover of The Hunger Games as well as these dragons: Skywing hatchie, Spitfire hatchie (with wings), Magi hatchie and female Waterhorse. Text: Project Mockingjay (In cool font of your choice) Color Scheme: light blue & silver - gradient Animation?: No thanks. Anything else?: Not that I can think of...
  11. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld ADD THEM OR ELSE!
  12. I still don't want a dog (as I've said, I'm not too fond of their personalities) but I'll never tolerate this kind of cruelty. It's not the dog's fault they're inbred to the point of mental illnesses just because it's "pretty".
  13. You're not working on something right now? So could I request? Username: Shay-la! Pokemon to use: Sky Shaymin, Articuno Base Pokemon: Articuno (Shaymin head though) What do you want me to do with them?:Splice. Versions of sprites: HG/SS Other: none. Thanks in advance.
  14. SERIOUSLY? I'm not too fond of dogs, but DOGS BEING BANNED AND KILLED FOR NO REASON? I'll join. I don't have any CBs right now, but I'll look out for those breeds. Also, to be added to the list of dragon: Magi dragons - they're noted to be feared.
  15. I have lots of weird dreams, but they're hard to remember. Here's one from a few years ago... So me, a couple friends and some people I've never seen before were sitting at this picnic table at this big, bright field of flowers. Then suddenly some Pokemon jumped out of nowhere - Purple Pikachus, green Pikachus, yellow Clefairy... (I have no idea why the colors were wrong) - so we went to go catch them. Also there were these two flying Christmas lights that the people were calling Latios and Latias. So I ended up catching both of them (in a butterfly net) and then everyone was suddenly mad at me. Jealous, I mean. So I gave one of them to my friend and everyone was suddenly happy again. My dreams are always as weird as this one...
  16. Eragon is a copy of other things, and somewhat cliche, but at least it's actually exciting and not s like Twilight. There. That's my opinion and you're not gonna change it.
  17. I still don't even have a black - I've never seen a CB one and all the AP ones are grabbed long before I can react.
  18. Pokemon (I still like the games, but the show's gotten cliche... I loved it as a kid...) SpongeBob SquarePants (I still watch it) (I don't really remember more than that...)
  19. Okay, since my old request was shot down, and it's open, I'd like to Request Could you draw a Winter hatchie and a Summer hatchie together? It would be so cute. Pweeeeeeese?
  20. LOL my little sister's guinea pig Zelda does that sometimes... Only during the day though...
  21. Username: Shay-la! Order: Splice pokemon: Sky Shaymin and Quilava shiny?: no other: can it have more of a Shaymin body and face? generation of sprites: Platinum Text:
  22. I could've sworn I posted a request here already... A Pygmy dragon and a Mint dragon playing.
  23. Uglies - Scott Westerfeld The Mortal Instruments - Cassandra Clare Percy Jackson - Rick Riordan And *drum roll..* in first place... Pendragon by D. J. MacHale.