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  1. I don't think that my Ice has EVER had a baby Ice... (and now I have a CB ice, too, that refuses to breed) and I don't recall getting a gold out of my gold... But other than that, all the others seem to be breeding normally.
  2. I hit 15k last night and now I'm stuck. 100% stuck... I just lost my motivation...
  3. Umm... the cave is completely empty. is everyone but me really grabbing them THAT fast? But thanks for the new eggs.
  4. I'd just approached the house when the site went down for maintenance... when will it be back up? EDIT: And I'd just posted this when the site went back to normal...
  5. Well, I'm more mature than everyone else my age... or is refusing to socialize and be shallow immature? Either way, I don't really care what age I act, as long as I can be myself.
  6. Neglecteds... and CB Blacks. Not to mention Hollies, because a lot of people refuse to give them to people... If everyone breeds theirs every year, shouldn't there be loads of them by now?
  7. I never outright kill dragons... I've lost a few to sickness, that's all. I have a zombie because a hatchie got sick and died around Halloween... Sometimes I feel like my dragons are real... but only the ones I name and describe, and I've gotten lazy with that lately. I don't deliberately inbreed, but I do keep inbreds, sometimes without knowing. I used to hoard CB Waterwalkers to unblock the cave for other people, but they've become a lot less common lately. And when I first joined the site, I always took my eggs from the abandoned, to rescue the poor little guys. Now I prefer the cave, but I'll take the occasional inbred egg no one wants. I tend to breed various dragons on my scroll (for 2nd gen PBs or long-lined Dorkfaces), abandon them, and check on them a while later, to see how they're doing. it upsets me if some newb got them and accidentally killed them, but otherwise I don't really care.
  8. Shay-la!


    Well, I have no money to spend on manga, but... I do have volumes 1-9 of Death Note, and I'm looking for the last three... otherwise, I just watch the anime...
  9. Pop music. I mean, really? I don't even listen to it anymore... it's all very dirty, and then you hear little kids listening to it, and... Also, I really hope that in fifty years we'll be DOING something about the "developing" countries. Like developing them, and supplying food.
  10. Bosses in general tend to creep me out. When I was little, I would try to play Pikmin all the time and some big boss would pop out from the ground or fall from the sky and it would really scare me. Now I know exactly when and where they're gonna show up, so it's not scary... Hmm... I never make it far enough on video games to actually see anything creepy... All I've ever managed to beat has been Pokemon... and that's never scary, except for Lavender Town... All the enemies in Zelda Wind Waker, as far as I've gone, really creep me out. The first boss especially... I mean, a fire-centipede-thing with this HUGE eye? Creeepy... And that jack-in-the-box from Donkey Kong 64... Jack-in-the-boxes scare me in general... I scare easily...
  11. Well, I always like whatever I'm watching at the moment... I'd say Death Note, but really the anime was poorly done... My favorite anime so far has to be Code Geass R1... I love Suzaku...
  12. My first ever Pokemon game (well, the first I ever played) was Pokemon Colosseum for Gamecube... I was under the assumption that "releasing" your Pokemon meant letting them out of their Poke ball for a bit... so I released my Umbreon... Then i restarted, and later I had no idea where my Poke balls were... I didn't know there was more than one compartment in the bag...
  13. Yeah, they need to be continuously dropping or something... they're all gone within seconds.
  14. I must say, L pwns every other cartoon/anime/fictional character. - to other epic animated people though. Really. But who can't love this?: That said, there are a lot of other cartoon characters I love. I'm just not gonna bother naming them all.
  15. So, is there any reason why "Game Sync" doesn't work? Apparently the server's been down since I got the game. Has it worked for anyone? Also, where do you get Zorua/Zoruark? I'm kinda blank on that one.
  16. Wow, I just noticed the Valentine's tree... Would you believe me if i told you I caught mine yesterday?
  17. I didn't win, obviously... Muttermumblegrumble... Er, I mean, 'grats to the winners! Yay!
  18. Mine was... it was late, I caught four eggs, put them on two or three sites (like I always used to right away) then the next morning two were dead, the other two were sick... I was kind of angry and had no idea what to do. So I threw the sick ones off my scroll (not knowing about fogging) and then looked up dragon sickness. I didn't post anything in help though.
  19. I've lost four eggs so far, never hatched any. stupid Pebble, killing my Ember. Usually they're not affected. I have this odd compulsion to use it, even though it usually bothers me.
  20. Oh my. There was a leetle tree among the hourly drop. Really slim pickings, but there was that tree that no doubt all 176 users clicked at the same time... wonder who got it.
  21. I tried NaNowriMo, but I lost... I'm still writing whatever comes to me (very little), and I'm fond of my characters (particularly the emo-prince) and dark, twisted plotline. i'm sure that i'll finish it someday, even if I spend my entire life on it.
  22. These are the highest on my scroll. None of the dragons got sick. Views: 9204 (Red) UVs: 2186 (reg. Black) Clicks: 55 (Waterhorse)
  23. I only keep my bred dragons if they're for an important project. I only get CBs if they're rare, or again, for an important project. I mostly hunt the AP for rares, or inbred Vine hatchies for my collection, or just commons that need rescuing. Or eggs with pretty lineages. Sometimes you find the strangest things abandoned, this being my current favorite.
  24. Wowz... This is awesome! THE ABILITY TO ASK FOR A HOLLY? Forget the new dragon, I could get an egg from someone else's anyway. YOU ROCK TJ!!!
  25. Wow, this is a great idea. I'd want to help with the gifting, maybe donate, but really I don't have very many dragons... So for now I'll just have a wishlist, consisting of: Gold, Silver, CB Stripe - CB Magi, CB Hellfire, Geode - Ember, Canopy, Electric.