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  1. Caught my second CB Black this week... both times, it gave me the message I didn't get it, too...
  2. I was just about to post a topic in help about this... I don't want pages on my scroll at all! It's a scroll for crying out loud, not a book! I guess it makes sense, if it helps with lag and whatnot, but still... I have problems finding where my dragons are when they're not all on one screen...
  3. Hey, just how valuable are CB Blacks right now anyway? I'm debating whether I should just keep it, since they're so hard to catch... but would it be possible to get, say, a CB Metallic for it? Or would that be just plain crazy?
  4. Ahahaha! I'm doing Camp NaNo write right now! And I'll be submitting myself to NaNovember for a third time this year, as well (why do I do this?) because I'm strangely addicted... and can't write without someone pushing me.
  5. ... -random post- What exactly is the value of a "CB" Vampire these days? Because you almost never see the vamps these days with the ratios, but no one ever seems to think they're a fair trade for anything.
  6. Been a while since I last looked at this thread... I'm still working on mine. I'm going to sixth gen, and I've got a couple third-gen adults so far...
  7. Turp X Red = Red egg Turp X Christmas '11 = Turp egg Turp X Royal Blue = "no interest"
  8. Gin-chan. For my first ever silver. Seriously? It's almost like there's a tragically small amount of Gintama fans in this world. (Oh, wait. There is.) And You'd think all the names with "Gin" ("silver") would be taken already anyway...
  9. Ooh, pretty pretty~~ Of course, every release happens when I go away somewhere.
  10. I managed to breed a male Turpentine with a female Pillow first try... but I was locked, so the egg auto-abandoned. Wow! another one bred with my Christmas '11! Maybe these guys are actually well-loved. Refusal with a Moonstone.
  11. I'm reading Catch-22. So far, the greatest book I've ever read.
  12. I was imagining it to be a WHOOOOOLE LOT better. If I hadn't had such high expectations, maybe I wouldn't have been so disappointed by it... The special effects were done really well (and the acting for Effie and Haymitch, at least, was spot-on!) but I didn't like how they changed/left out/shortened a lot of things from the book that I liked...
  13. Am I the only one who has always despised this song? When it starts playing, I turn up my own music and ignore it.
  14. This is good to know, because it's only a few more days until I attempt my first summon... So it's all right to let them get a lot of views, then.
  15. I didn't win, but that's quite all right. I'm satisfied with the CB Thunder I managed to nab the other day. Well, I'd be satisfied even without it really.
  16. The first AP egg I ever picked up when I started was an Alt Vine. I didn't even know there WERE Alts, so I found it weird that everyone else's Vines looked different. And two of my first four Blacks alted... Funny because I generally have bad luck.
  17. I lack the patience to do anything really amazing. http://dragcave.net/wreath/Tally_Youngblood
  18. Oi, how long will they be dropping? They were too easy to get on the 25th already... when will they unblock the cave and let us catch something else? I thought they were only available for one day.
  19. Thanks TJ! Wow, these were EXTREMELY easy to catch. The first two I clicked, I got. Compare this to other holiday hunting (especially for me, I can never catch anything) and you would almost think no one wants these...
  20. I like Blacks with all of the Holidays... and Whites, too. Also Nebulas. With RarexRare here, I can see a lot of Gold/SilverxHoliday lineages happening, which would be nice.
  21. Well, my first Holiday was Halloween '10, so I didn't really breed any yet... But my one Marrow on this Halloween only bred me two.
  22. I'm looking for a suitable mate for this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/D2b2C So, anyone have a tenth gen stairstep Tinsel of any colour where all the Tinsels in its lineage are female? Please?
  23. I now have 32 CBs... now to wait a couple days, name the new ones, pair them all off and get an army of Barons and Baronesses... this is hard... I'll post once I've got my 16 second-gens.
  24. It seems everyone has fifty Tinsels by now except for me. The problem is that no one abandons them, just gifting through Teleport which really messes up other people's chances of getting rares... But yeah I've noticed that people are asking for ridiculous things for Tinsels... who trades a CB Gold for something anyone will give you for free anyway?!
  25. I want to breed my own common King or Queen! Forum Name: Shay-la! Scroll Link: Scroll Secret Word: Dirndl I love even-gen projects, and this goes along quite well with all the common-rescuing I'm already doing.