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    Paramore is awesome =D My favorite song is Decode (and no, not because it's the Twilight soundtrack It's just an awesome song)
  2. My cat runs away from everyone but me and my mom. it'll take awhole day before she'll even come near a stranger.
  3. wow... that is just... so... scary.... once, I was greaming that there was a fire in my house at night. I woke up from the fire alarm. I don't know how I did it, but I was suddenly standing outside with the firefighters. I looked for my parents, but I couldn't find them. I aksed one of the firefighters where they were and he pointerd at the kitchen which was still in flames. when I looked throught the window, I saw two skeletons on the ground, hand in hand.... I forced myself to wake up and when I did, I woke up crying... I had that dream when I was around eight years old.
  4. wow, that's a pretty horrid death indeed.. I'm sorry you cat died that way.. it was really scary how we found out that my cat had cancer. we thought she had a cold and that it would go away, but when I came home from school I just freaked out, because here was blood on the floor (EVERYWHERE) and I couldnt find her. so I thought she was gone after an hour looking for her. and when we gave up (in panic I called my mother and she came home immediately) we saw her shaking behind the couch. the blood was coming out of her ear and she could barely stand up. we went to the vet and she told us that she had cancer and that they couldn't operate... so we put her to sleep a couple of days later. once, she left a mouse for us at the front door. that was really sweet =3 my new cat recently killed a dove feathers EVERYWHERE
  5. seriously?? I didn't know that either well, I thought fighting the hydra was really fun =D
  6. well it's a long time ago, but I still mis her although my new cat is REALLY cute and playful =D omg cornflakes?! that's even weirder then bread
  7. Not my cat. she eats EVERYTHING (including bread. she just snatches it from the table o.0) my preveous cat (she died of cancer) only wanted to eat food from the brand ´Eukanuba´. nothing else... she was a weird cat
  8. I'm really excited about this =D I hope zuko will be around as a connection with the previous series. It would be nice if momo was still there, but that is REALLY unlikely. momo was just so cute =3 and.. I really hope they don't change too much about the smooth moves. I'm afraid that it will look very different. I thought it always looked so cool when zuko was fighting (in the end at least. in the beginning he was a little stiff )
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    Your Theme Song

    It's not the good side of me, but it is true. and it was the only one I could think of =3 (btw it took a long time to figure out what the meaning of the song was. when I found out, it was like: .... that's also my problem...)
  10. I really like Kingdom hearts. It's definetly not the best game ever, but it's fun to play and I think it's funny to see how they threw the disney characters and ff characters into 1 game. I can imagine that not everyone likes kingdom hearts, but it definetly is THE game for me =D
  11. well, I used to bite my nails. when I kicked my habit, I found the longer fingernails much more convenient. still, my nails are pretty weak and they won't grow very long, but I'ts fine this way.