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  1. Well, she taught Aang. I think she could....but she strikes me as someone who'd be picky about which students she picks. xd.png


    (Also, Qwakie was talking about how you capitialize the first letter of every word. Its a bit disctracting.)

    Ahhh now i get it! Ill stop doing it xd.png Its jutst a habbit of mine.. tongue.gif


    And ya Toph would be picky... xd.png

  2. @Neko


    She could only do that because she was blind since birth, so her other senses were developed strongly-er. Thus she could hear a feel the vibrations, an earth bender with the sense of sight would not, they must have very enhanced abnormal inhuman senses to do that.

    Ya Thats True Guess Youre Right smile.gif



    I Think It Could Be One Of Those Wierd Creatures That We Saw In The Last Eps, The One That Could Swim And Run Super Fast..?

  3. Am I the only person who's reading this like the begining of a sentence each word?

    Didnt Really Get That...


    And Ya That Was The Reason Toph Could Metal Bend... But Im Pretty Sure That If She Became A Teacher She Couldve Taught A Couple Of PPL How To Do It No?

  4. Cant... Chose... (Ive Watched Too Much Anime (Ohh And +Anima SHOULD Be An Anime!!!))


    GundamSeed/GundamSeedDestiny, Naruto/NarutoShippuden, InuYasha, Bleach, Blood+, BlackLagoon, DeathNote, OnePiece, Pokemon, FullMetalAlchemist, VampireKnight, EurekaSeven, Ah! MyGodess, Avatar, Chobits, ChronoCrusade, DearS, DNAngel, ElfenLied, KamikazeKaitoJean, FullMoonWoSagashite, MelancholyHaruhiSuzumiya, ThisUglyYetBeautifulWorld, Romeo.X.Juliet, ShamanKing, ZatchBell... Those Are The Dubbed Ones xd.png

  5. I want Zuko to be dead. I loved Zuko, he was a great character and stuff, but blegh... I wouldn't look at him the same if we'd see him. I wonder if there's gonna be a crazy lady like the Puppet Master in there though. She was so scary. tongue.gif

    Thats True, But I Hope We Could See His Kids Or Garn Kids, I Think Theyd Be Like Really Something.. I Think His And Mais Kids Would Look Awsome

  6. Minieseries.. happy and sad.  It will probably be exiting a good throughout the whole thing.  And as the website said, no Great Divide. >3<


    However, shorter and probably won't have time for much about Zuko's mother and stuff.

    Ya I guess you're right... Though that reLly sucks since they left us on a cliff hanger...

  7. I Didnt Mind her... But I Dint Think Her And Zuko Could Pull It Off, I Mean, She Was Obliviouse To Who He Was Even When He FireBended The Lights Open, I Dont Think They Could Have Pulled it Off... Either Way I Like Mai Way Better, Shes just Awsome Especially In The Last Ep With Zuko biggrin.gif

  8. Ya Seeing Hid GranKids Would Be Awsome, But Like You Could See Him Teaching His GranKid Fire Bending That Would Be Pretty Cool, Like just A Shot Of Him, Cuz With All The Years, His Fire Bending Has to Kick Ass Even More Than Befor.. But Ya Seeing Him Old Would Be .. Wierd blink.gif


    And im Not Sure About The Animal Spirit, Roku Had His Dragon, But Other than That im Not Sure...

  9. Zuko Could Still Kick Ass, I Mean Boumie (Cant Spell his Name) Kicked Ass Even If Hes Like 112 Years Old, And If I Remember Correctly He Was One Of The Funniest And Fav Characters. So Zuko Could Still Be Around And Either Be A little Moody Old Man Or Like His uncle which Would Be Funny
  10. 70 Years Later!?!?!?!?!?!? Aangs Dead blink.gif


    Aangs Kid? I Really Hope They Didnt Kill Off all Original Characters Off That Would Tick Me Off... Badly..


    I Hope We See Some Of Zuko!! (<3) And Some Of His And Mai's Kid/s, I Mean Thatd Be Really Awsome!


    Ohh And BTW @BlueApollo LOVE Your Pic! xd.png