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  1. Welcome to the lineage, hybridhydra and Sunwolf! @wolfwindmoon That's a beautiful lineage! Sadly it doesn't fit the pattern for this particular lineage project but thank you very much for offering! @Shichibi Wow, that looks amazing! And I've PM'd you the password. - Miladyz
  2. @Winddancir- I've added you to the Breeder's List, thank you for wanting to help @Mysterrie- Welcome to the lineage! You can request that the receiver stick to a naming scheme, just let them know before giving the egg and there should be no problem And i agree; the Blunas really are one of the most beautiful dragons *New mod bows in* I'll do my best to help things run smoothly here /afie
  3. That's great Afie! I'm glad to hear that you're continuing the lineage. Welcome to the Pure Bloo mod team. - Miladyz
  4. @Sinnarn Congrats on your 3rd gen! If you'd like any 2nd or 3rd gens, I could try breeding my pairs for you if you PM me. @vythalax Thanks for the kind offer! We always need more Bluna breeders, so I'll add your info to the breeders' list. @RyuKaiser I'm sorry to hear that your dragons don't seem to want to make Blunas. Even if you try breeding them and don't get a Bluna, you can always post here for support! If you want to register your Blunas, just post their lineage link in this thread and I'll add it to the spreadsheet for you. @dragon_overlord CB Blunas? As far as I know, only TJ the site creator has any. Do you have any links for the possible CB Bluna glitches? Keep up the great work everyone! We're nearly at 6th gens for the main lineage (thanks to afie!) and between everyone else, we've got tons of CB lineage dragons! Now we just need them to produce BLUNAS! .+ Miladyz +.
  5. We get a LOT of failblunas, so I made an announcement in the Bloo lineage thread about your project.
  6. Hey guys! Not sure what to do with failed Bluna attempts? Offer them to the Failbluna and Failshallow lineage! .+ Miladyz +.
  7. LightningRip, welcome to the lineage! If you'd like any Bluna-related eggs for this project, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Welcome to the lineage, Twilightdreamer1979! If you'd like any specific Bluna-related CB eggs or Blunas, feel free to PM a breeder or fill out a request form.
  9. Wow! Thank you for posting all your info afie! .+ Miladyz +.
  10. @Son_in_Aquarius Welcome to the lineage, and thank you for filling out the joining form! I'll add you to the Members' list right away. @Sinnarn That's wonderful news! I'll update your breeding form. @BrandonHyunJoong Feel free to PM any of the breeders listed here under "Breeders." ------------------ UPDATES: I've started working on the spreadsheet and will be PMing people to ask about their progress in this lineage so far. Please make sure you know what CB dragons you have for this lineage, as well as any Blunas bred or caught (It'll really help with organizing things). If possible, a LIST of these dragons would be very helpful. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday so far! *passes around Bluna cookies with leetle red and white hats* .+ Miladyz +.
  11. Sorry, I've fixed it now. Don't worry about not having CBs, we'll be happy to help you get some after the holidays if you're still interested! .+ Miladyz +.
  12. @Mimmu Okay! I'll remove you from the list, thanks for letting me know. @love_HP Welcome to the lineage! I'll add your Blunas to the Breeding list. Would you be interested in receiving any CB Skywings for the project? I sometimes reflex click them and would be happy to give any to you. .+ Miladyz +.
  13. @RyuKaiser Thanks for filling out the form! If you need any help or are looking for any Bluna-related eggs then feel free to ask. @afie I just bred a 2nd gen Bluna if you're interested: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rDee Yay! That's fantastic news, it sounds like we're well on our way to 6th gen! I agree that breeding seems to be going a lot better lately, and the Fertility BSA will definitely help for 2nd gen and up! .+ Miladyz +.
  14. Of course you can join us, RyuKaiser! That's what we're here for. Go right ahead and use any of the images in your signature. It would also be great if you could check out the rules and fill out the joining form in the second post. If you have any questions about the site or the forums, you can go HERE and ask for a mentor. They are very friendly people who will help you out and give you tips on raising your dragons. Welcome to the lineage! ------ @afie I never congratulated you on your two new Blunas in a single day! But congrats! That must've been a very happy day indeed. And thanks so much for offering to lend a hand with the spreadsheet and for sticking with this lineage since the very start. Your updates always make my day. @Astreya That's a beautifully organized list! Thank you for taking the time to write it all up. I'll make a link to the post for you in the breeders' list to let people know. :3 @Souly Wow, that 7th gen looks beautiful! I'll have to update the first few posts and add it in. And a big YES PLEASE to help on the spreadsheet, if you have any time at all between EPIC and real life! Would it be alright if I PMed you about it later on in December? It'd be amazing if we could have something as beautifully organized as the EPIC spreadsheet for the Bloo lineage. <3 .+ Mila +.
  15. The highest generation we have so far in this lineage is 6th gen for Deep Sea Blunas like this (we're aiming for 7th gen). If you'd like one like that then Souly would be the person to talk to. .+ Miladyz +.
  16. Welcome to the lineage, Brandon! Feel free to PM any of the breeders or post in the thread if you'd like a lineage egg. .+ Miladyz +. ETA leetle update: I'm working on editing the first few posts to make them clearer for people (text and formatting). Official spreadsheet stuff will start around the middle of December, and that's also when I'll start poking people to see if they're still active. Meanwhile, If anybody wants a Bluna from me, just ask. :3
  17. Welcome RyuKaiser! Seeing as you have a CB (cave born) Skywing, you're already halfway to getting a Bluna! All you need now is a CB Deepsea or a CB Water dragon to begin breeding. If you'd like help catching an egg then feel free to fill out the request form found in the 3rd lineage post under "Requests." Also, if possible it'd be great if you could fill out the Joining Form found at the bottom of the 2nd post as well. Welcome to the lineage! (Also, in case you're interested there's a great thread here where you can ask for a mentor who will help you along and answer any questions you might have about the site or the forums. Good luck!) ------ @ Maladroit Thank you for posting that list! It'll definitely help people when they submit requests, and I'm very impressed by your organizational skills! @ Shichibi I'm glad you're still interested! And congrats on the successful breeding! @ afie With that many CB pairs, you're bound to get a Bluna soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. As for the spreadsheet... I'll have my hands tied until about mid/late December but after that, PMs and spreadsheet data/formatting will begin officially. I may ask for help finding and inputting all the data (any volunteers? Bluna-shaped cookies will be given. ), but we can work that out when the time comes. That's about it for now! Keep trying to coax pretty little Blunas from those stubborn CBs and it won't be long before we move up another generation! .+ Miladyz +.
  18. Congrats! I also have a 3rd gen up for grabs if anyone wants it, if not, I'll freeze it as a hatchie to avoid inbreeding. PM me if you're interested! .+ Miladyz +.
  19. @Shichibi It'd help us get 3rd gens and up though. @krysluki I've added you to both lists. I have 2 CB Skywings up for grabs so hopefully I can send one over to you soon! Many thanks to afie for my new CB Deepsea! .+ Miladyz +.
  20. Okay! I'll add you to the CB Skywing request list. For the 2nd gen Bluna, would you like the Skywing to be male, female, or no preference? Or if you'd like, you could fill out the Request Form in the 3rd post under the members list. @Mimmu Same here. :/ I hope the Fertility BSA comes out soon! @Maladroit Congrats on breeding a Bluna! Keep up the great work everyone! .+ Miladyz +.
  21. From the second post: If you have time, it'd be great if you could go over the rules and fill out the joining form (mostly for breeding info). You can find both on the first page in the second post. .+ Miladyz +.
  22. Welcome to the lineage krysluki! Would you like to be added to any of the request lists to help you get more Blunas? .+ Miladyz +.
  23. @IlovePI2 Oh no! I'm so sorry that your Bluna died. Maybe you can put your next one in a few more fansites to make sure they grow up (but not too many or else they get sick and die as well!). Here's a list that I find very useful: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=89465 @dedelruf Thanks for your help! .+ Miladyz +.
  24. @evilcostumelady Congrats on your Blunas! I'll add your pairs to the breeding lists. @afie Yeah, it feels like they're becoming as rare as metallics nowadays. :/ .+ Miladyz +.