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  1. I once dreamed that i was lost with some friends and suddenly everyone got eaten by a giant whale( like that whale in pinocchio ) and those who wernt eaten had to climb up Mt.everest and then we suddenly got attacked by wild people who wanted to eat us and then the top of Mt.Everest broke and fell down on the wild people and suddenly everything was bright and shiny and those who got eaten by the whale came back ad everyone started dancing around mt.everest *starts dancing*
  2. I haz a mix, hes 17 year old and almost deaf :| he have had several problems now and me and my brother thinks it's about time for letting him go, but my mom dont wan't to.. Even if he almost can't walk down and up the stairs and have had cancer and stuff
  3. I like them short, but it's convenient if they are long ^^ scratching is soo comfortable with long nails