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- my scroll -

hello! my name is kaden!

always willing to breed dragons for people, message me if there's anything on my scroll you'd like!

http://leviathan.thorngale.net/lunar/shoko.png  firegem.png


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    Many thanks to the great people who have gifted me eggs and hatchies! <3

    At the moment I am trying to create an albino hoard, it's a bit small right now, but if you ever find yourself with an abundance of unwanted albinos I will gladly take them off your hands, regardless of lineage!

    I collect CB wyverns and easterns as zombie fodder, please keep that in mind if you end up sending anything my way! I will not kill dragons bred by you if you do not want me to.

    Looking for exact bloodswaps of -

    (blah fill this part in later)