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    I did it, and they do follow through. However, it's better getting the BattleOn points from the master account. http://portal.battleon.com/ They have the same trials, but they're worth more. I probably would have had 2000 more points had I done the same trials from here. Btw, the Bing cash offer is easy points. No trial or anything. You just sign up for an account, and they award you with about 1300 points. You need 4000 for an amulet. It's a shame Microsoft got rid of the real Bing cash program last year in July. Getting 15% off from TigerDirect and many other sites w
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    You can get a free dragon amulet here. I did three free trials, which is a quick way to get the points needed to claim the upgrade. http://www.prizerebel.com/ Rhea! Your box is full!
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    All your boxes R belong to us ; )
  4. Beans and lentils give an ample amount of non-heme iron. Heck, if one is paranoid over it, you can always lick a cast-iron pan. Vitamin D from food is small. Being in the sun will give you more, but supplementation is better. The RDA is 400 IU. Kaiser Permanente recommends 2000 IU. And since you have higher intake of Vitamin D3, less calcium is needed. I find this arguing over whether a vegan diet is healthy or not ironic, though. People eat all the time. It's one reason why they fortify cereals because the that many people eat doesn't have any nutrients. Vegan stuff has
  5. Huh? A vegan only needs to worry about B-12. You quoted Zarrexaij, and it reads as if it was directed towards him.
  6. I just didn't bother to elaborate on the definition.
  7. Hair is just a dead mass of keratin with little water content. 'd you, Nightfox! lol
  8. All meats are a part of an animal, and they are made up of protein.
  9. I meant as in "being cooked properly." Someone could like the rubber texture.
  10. Who is to say somebody doesn't like eating rubber?
  11. I've heard that eating bear is like chewing on a rubber band.
  12. Never mind that. I'm just being a smart@$$. It's a steak, so it's a slice of delicious meat. An a lot <----- put it together lol
  13. Salmon steak, Noble? This brings me to a question: what is an ? Edit: I always spell your name that way.