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  1. I want to request an Avatar!

    Forum name: LadyTwi

    Scroll Name(Make scroll link): LadyTwi

    PM link: Here

    What Avatar do you want? Creation/ Destruction/ Change Destruction

    Any desired mates? Any is fine

    Any other comments? Thank you so much for doing this! Chaoz

  2. I'm really happy for the change they made on Facebook. Although I'm not out to the people on there, I could still pick agender and just have it hidden. :3


    "It" is a very difficult pronoun for me to use for people who request it. It makes me feel like such an awful person for using it, but you also have to respect people's wishes, so it's a difficult situation. "It" is a very touchy pronoun that shouldn't be used lightly.

  3. Gender isn't something I thought about much in the past. I knew trans* and genderqueer people and I've always been cool with them, but it was only lately that I've really started reading about gender identity and that kind of thing.


    One thing I realized is that for me, I've always said that I'm female because that's what I am biologically. I'm totally cool with my body and all that. However, when I try to think what gender I feel I am, I draw a blank. I find I'm apathetic about my own gender and that I don't think I actually feel one, hence why I've always gone by my biological sex.


    It's been really confusing for me, but I think I might be agender? With female presentation? Agh I just don't know.


    Also much respect for Equality House, man!

  4. I am an aromantic asexual!


    I think the thing that I've struggled with the most are societal expectations. Like people talk about the various people they dated and had sex with during high school and university and it seems like a Really Important Thing??? And I didn't do any of that stuff/don't desire it and it makes me feel like there's something wrong me. But at the same time I'm completely happy the way I am and I can live my life however I want. So I have a bit of an internal war from time to time.

  5. I studied the bare minimum through school, about 20 minutes the night before a test and maybe 1-3 hours for an exam. I got A+ in every class.


    As for university, that's a different story. xd.png I learned that you have to study a lot more; I generally studied a good amount of hours a day for 3-5 days in advance of a midterm, 7 days in advance for a final. I was able to do well enough to get into meteorology, so yeah. :3


    I have to be listening to music in order to study, preferably something upbeat/fast. I absolutely cannot study in silence. But first I have to sit myself down and make myself do it, which can take a while. |D

  6. I love any kind of weather, but I particularly like it stormy. Lots of wind, snow/rain, thunder and lightning, etc. I like it when we get hurricanes/tropical storms because by the time they get here they've lost any kind of lethal power, but they're still awesome. In fact, I love the weather so much I'm studying to be a meteorologist. xd.png

  7. I actually started listening to Falconer before I found Elvenking! I love their Swedish songs~ They're what got me into the folkish power metal. And yeah I think I have Dark Moor's older stuff, but I prefer their newer albums much more.


    Anyway there's a nice little website called Last.fm that keeps track of what you listen to and has helped me discover a lot of great bands. I'm there under the same username as here~ Presto.fm is pretty good too.

  8. For me, nothing tops power metal! I also love symphonic, folk, once in a while some speed, and basically any spin offs of those. xd.png I've been really into Italian and Japanese power metal lately.


    Top five bands! Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Elvenking... hmm, I can't decide on the other two. I've been feeling Epica, Nightwish, Celesty, Derdian, Vision Divine, Stratovarius, Dark Moor, Galneryus and some others lately.


    Omg Qwackie I'm so glad you mentioned Alestorm! Such an amusing band.