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  1. Fun fact: American and Velveeta cheese is not truly cheese, it's a cheese-like product. Blue cheese is molded cheese! Ew!
  2. My family all hates cheese except me, I can eat any kind of cheese, personally I don't see what my family hates about it so much...They are really missing out.
  3. In a movie, if someone compliments/talks about/complains/just bought a chandelier. It will fall.
  4. Oh, how about when then hero defuses a bomb, he will always defuse it when the timer says 00:01.
  5. I always see cliches in movies, it's a thing that can make a movie a movie. What cliches can you think of? I have one: whenever someone looks at the clock, the clock will show a minute passing.
  6. I thought of more things that I don't like -Impatient people, when they are beating up their keyboard because the web page isn't brought right up -Expanding on above, when people click a link 50 times for it to go faster, but it actually goes slower in reality -Mornings -When people see me writing and they ask, "you're left handed?" -Being stereotyped (called a Nazi) -Not enough hot water in shower -Humid weather -Being rushed -Bad teachers
  7. Okay this is long, but kinda random and funny. Last night, I had a dream I was at school, I was talking to my friend on how this person that doesn't like my in real life cast a spell on all of the elevators (???) for some reason, the staircases were replaced with elevator. So once my friend and I got into an elevator. Then when we got out, I was wearing a bathing suit, and my friend was wearing a clown outfit. I then went to my class, and I guess my friend went to a different class because I didn't see him again. In the class, I was with 4th graders, and I had to teach them. I abruptly stopped then suddenly went to the roof of the school. On the roof of the school, I magically got a rifle and started to shoot deathclaws (the ones from the Fallout games (Picture)) and they were about a good 200 feet tall, attacking the houses. After I somehow killed them, I jumped off the school. I appeared at some kind of nightclub, the door had a bouncer at it, and my sister magically appeared by my side, the bouncer let us in, and the place had a t.v. so we watched "Jame's Camron's: Avatar" After a couple of minutes of watching, this lady walks in, gives birth, then gives the baby to me. Then zombies came to the door wanting the baby. I need to lay off the Italian food
  8. -Biggest thing, when people chew gum, I just can't stand the sight of people chewing it. They look like cows when they chew it. -The weather. -The great debate about which side toilet paper should be on -When my dog tracks mud -The person that never likes you for some reason -School system -Trying to have a conversation with a stupid person -When people speak both English and another language in the same conversation. -Sexist people -Teachers who think they are the most important class -The couple that makes out in the middle of a lunch room. "Really? I am trying to eat here" -When people smoke -When people drink -When people do drugs -Immaturity, sure it may be funny every once and a while, but not every day -Congested traffic -Modern music -Loud noises -When people listen to their ipods so loud, you can hear it. -My neighbors -War -When people think they are so awesome -When I tell people I have 20/100 vision, they say, "how many fingers am I holding up" -Crying children -People who have no Common Sense -Dependent people -Girls who think they are more hot than Aphrodite -and Hypocrites that's all for now
  9. Two days ago I had a dream I went to school with the emperor in Star Wars. I am not sure if I was on his side or not, but I had a blue light saber. It was so cool. Then someone shot me in my inner elbow, and the pain felt so real, I was rolling on the floor in pain then I woke up, and the pain just vanished, it made my arm feel numb for about an hour. Oh, and If you don't know who the Emperor is, here's a picture. Last night my subconscious symbolized heaven and hell. I was with my friends and we were in this weird building where you could see the sky above, and the ground, with this HUGE hole in the middle of the building that plummeted to the ground, and we were maybe...a few miles above ground. So we were stuck in the middle and we kept on trying to go to the top, and we didn't want to go down, but we didn't know where to go, so we kept going around the buildings looking for an elevator, but we couldn't. I then woke up.
  10. Back in the 1600's Europeans thought it was crazy to colonize the Americas. But look where that got us...yes very far. The moon...it's a great idea in my opinion. I always say, the only limits to man is what they can't imagine. If humans have been able to walk on the moon's surface, and we can bond elements to create water and atmosphere. Then why not? By creating atmosphere we can have a warm and habitable world, all the moon is, is just a giant asteroid caught in Earths orbit then turned into a sphere by having equal pressure on all sides. It doesn't do anything else except alter tides. I don't think any aliens would take it anyways Imagine looking up in the night sky and looking at a blue moon. That would be amazing to do. Edit: Oh and about the exercising, Wouldn't we just lift more than we usually do at earth. Say if you usually lift 20 pounds on earth instead, on the moon you would lift about 120 pounds, and it would feel the same.
  11. Oh, I remembered, I can make my eyes dilate, it can freak people out, especially if I am staring at them, it makes me look like I am about to go crazy.
  12. I had a dream that I saw the winner for the tree decorating contest, the weird thing was, is that they won both first place and third place, but it felt so real.
  13. I can also read the emotions of anyone very well, such as by just looking at them I can see what they are feeling like (Sad, happy, anticipating, angry, ect.)
  14. I can hear and smell things very well, most likely due to the fact that my eyesight is horrible. I can hear if my dad is watching t.v. or if smell if he is smoking a cigarette from the other side of the house. I can also sit like "L" (Like this) I can sound like a crying puppy and my dog will run to me and lick my face when I do it.
  15. I love the sims so much, I usually make a sim that acts as my right hand, and then I do what I feel like doing to the sims depending on how I feel that day, such as, if I feel happy, I will make my sim make friends and have a great family, if I am angry the next day, I would destroy the house and start from scratch. I once had a magic legacy type thing, where if the sims were born with pointed ears they were considered wizards. I made a whole story about them, but then my computer died Other than that I love the ability to make a family from scratch then leave your mark in the neighborhood forever.
  16. I had a dream that I was a bounty hunter going to a mall on a "mission" but in order to get in the mall you have to run in this weird hallway so I was running down it, and towards the end of it, it had a community shower and you had to take a shower in it before you go into the mall, I ran right through it not even bothering, so then suddenly, the mall cops started to chase after me because I didn't wash up. Eventually I loose sight of them, then I see my target I was suppose to...get rid of...then suddenly a creature with a bear head, eagle wings, human legs, and a snake tail started to attack me, so I ran out of the mall and take a shower in the community shower thing, with my clothes on, it was too cold so I ran out of it, then to another mall's food court where I met-up with my friends, apparently if I remember correctly, they were trying to do the same "job" I had, but they stopped to take a rest, they see my shirt and say, "Oh, my, gosh! Where did you get that shirt!" I looked down and see a logo of a shield on it (are there any clothing brands that have a logo of a shield on it?) Then my phone's alarm went off and woke me up.
  17. That sounds fun I don't really remember the dream I had this morning, but I know it invovled a couple of my guy friends, and we were hanging around my school, we were drinking old styled coke cola soda's, we weren't talking or anything, just drinking soda. I don't remember the rest.
  18. Unlike my sister, I don't really have much dreams about her (Except one time when I dreamed we were old women ) My dreams, are kind of scary, a lot of them consist of...things...that aren't...normal...like they're "creatures" I guess. Hrmm...now that I think of it...I am destructive in my own dreams...It usually consists of death, desolation, and betrayal. It's weird now that I think of it, It seems like I am subconsciously evil . The dreams I have, I am the "villain" sometimes I am against my friends, enemies, or complete strangers, but I would never think of what I do in the dreams while I am awake. WEIRD!
  19. This wasn't my dream, but I am very intrigued. Whenever my sister has a dream, it's usually of being chased or taking shelter from something, but whenever I am in her dream, I always resemble the destructiveness in the dream, say my sister would dream that we would be hiding in a house from a killer, then I would unlock the door, refuse to call the police, or sometimes even betray her. Or say we were driving in her car, trying to get away from someone, or something, and so we would be speeding down the highway, then I would open the doors, or call the people on my cellphone to tell them where we are going. I dunno why I am always the person to be destructive in her dreams. It ticks me off sometimes.
  20. I shall join this group, those who don't want the commons will take them now! heheh...eheheheh...aha ahah hahah...AHAHAHA....MUAHAHAHAHA...AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  21. Apparently my last words (According to a quiz) will be "Oops". If I am to die epically then I will probably say something stupid, "THIS, is were a great warrior, rests in peace!"
  22. OOT for sure, it was a Masterpiece, it is still my top game. The only complaint I had was back when I did get the game, I was stuck on how to beat Barinade (Jabu-Jabu's belly boss) so my family looked up a walk-through. So when I become an adult, and find shiek, my dad walks in and says (Spoiler): Sheik is Zelda. I was so angry, but it was still very fun
  23. Lhoris


    OH THE HUMANITY! Yeah... I had a little fun with Earth. But yeah I am such an addict to spore, I have it minimized right now... I actually created my own signature for the sporums, and I created my own stories... EDIT: oh yeah and I also wrote an article on spore wiki Right now my main creatures: Raptura (these guys) Are at war with The Grox...They have the core under their control but that's it.
  24. I got the beginning down for my story, it's actually written by hand. I have a "skeleton" of the ending, I am still thinking of how it should actually end. The middle is what I am still thinking about, I am thinking how to have people react to things like so. But the main character, He is almost completely finished when it comes to personality,
  25. I've been thinking about the story I am writing for about a year, lol, and I am still making up the main character's personality.