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  1. 1. Eternal happiness 2. To fly 3. Unlimited knowledge
  2. I'm playing Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back I forgot how fun this game was.
  3. I managed to get 3, but I don't have a Pink Dragon so hopefully I'll get a male and female. :S Thank goodness I'm a fast catcher, took me only about a half hour to get 3 at around 8 last night, since I was out all day and totally forgot about the drops. Hopefully everyone had a happy Halloween
  4. I got Birth By Sleep the day it came out. I beat Terra's and Aqua's story on Proud Mode, I'm trying Ventus with Critical Mode.
  5. I'm playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the 360, 3rd Run, All Achievement Sith Master difficulty... So hard... X_X I want to be playing Left 4 Dead 2, but I was nice and let my friend borrow it.
  6. Ahh... Animal Crossing, so many memories with friends when I was little. I still find myself playing City Folk sometimes. I remember some years back though I used to play with my cousin and friends all the time. One time I had turnips going for 513 bells for each one one day, and me and my cousin made a Gamefaq's topic, and we got so much money because we had high entry fee's. Good times. Username: Peekay, or I'm just Matt on AC. Why you like AC: I like having my own house and town and how all the activities in the game are so simple, yet so likable. ^-^
  7. I despise Disney. Though I loved the plot and the game mechanics. Guilty of owning all the KH games. :3