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  1. "I'll watch with you. Just in case someone attacks" Auburn said quickly, leaning up against the cornucopia, bow in hand, arrows in a sheath on her back. She wasn't tired... and what if someone killed them in their sleep? Not exactly the best way to die as a career.
  2. What beats fire? A dog in a puddle.
  3. Yes, why? Do you have a problem with me trying to kill you? I'll edit it ~ sorreh. edited it
  4. Unfortunately NOTHING doesn't fit into 10 spaces. There are some small things ~ 1. I'm smart... if As and Bs count as that. I'm good in all my topics practically. 2. I'm improving so much in my art. 3. I feel mature because everyone around me is being distracted from education by boys and crushes and whatnot yet I don't want a boyfriend, frankly. 4. I know how to avoid being attacked in a dark parking lot. //random 5. I'm well known but more hated than anything so that is probably a negative. 6. almost 200 watchers on deviantART <3 I'm glad people appreciate my effort into art! 7. Out of the 2 real life friends I have, they are the best. I'd rather them than 100 friends who don't care much about me. 8. My family ~ <3 they're awesome. 9. Proud gamer and I'm fairly good at it. 10. I actually taught my staffy puppy to do tricks how is this possible.
  5. Audrie watched silently as Hana's plant scurried over to the crying girl and attempted to pat her on the head. Smiling, she was going to ask how the plant was moving, but then again, she could talk to ghosts... everything was possible. She realised Sarah was sitting next to 'Phe', leaning against her and talking comforting words. A tear almost escaped her eyes -- the little ghost didn't quiet understand no one could hear her and couldn't understand her death. Sighing, she leant against her window and stared out, gulping as she realised the height. Andy nudged her shoulder, sitting on the floor in front of her. "Scared?" "H-hey! You're a pilot! Of course you aren-" "You're a cutie patootie when you're grumpy" Andy teased and it looked like Audrie was going to explode, considering her completely red cheeks and nose. "You're a cutie patootie when you're annoying!" she mimicked his voice, although it was very low. He simply rolled his eyes, imitating her, and chuckled.
  6. 1. E 2. V 3. E 4. R 5. Y 6. T 7. H 8. I 9. N 10. G
  7. I want one! Username: Dragongirl10188 What you want me to draw: Position: In a pile of cuteness. Just stacked on top of eachother ~ with legs tangled up and cuteness. Emotion: cute? happy I suppose ovo Extra: n/a Ref:
  8. Jessy ! apples Zeplyn yumm Jessy ! pears Jessy ! u there? Zeplyn PEARS Zeplyn YOU DARE UNGRACE ME WITH YOUR PEARS Zeplyn you Zeplyn imbocile Jessy ! o.o Zeplyn I'm blocking you (I ended up blocking her as a joke... I hate pears, in case you didn't realise. I sent this to another friend so that's why it's in my copy paste )
  9. (( Would it be okay if Zeke just snatches Audrie for my first post?))
  10. Name : Silent Cyan Breed : Blusang, my favourite dragon. Mate/s : Bluey Smooey, perfect matching lineages, perfect match. Fail to produce : THEY REFUSED. Progeny : forever alone
  11. Ello. Username: Dragongirl10188, call me DG/Dragon/Draggie. Name: Audrie Otte. Rebellion Name: The Whisperer (referring to the fact she can talk to ghosts) Age: 17. Period: When she was at a party and someone slipped something into her drink. Zeke saved her as she was about to drink it... thank god. Although a little embarrassing due to the fact she was not sober. Gender: Female. Personality: Audrie can be a bit hard-headed, sarcastic and snappy. However, when you get to know her, she's fairly funny and supportive. She isn't much of a fan of flirting or anything boy-related due to her last moments with a boy (almost being drugged) and rape in the past. When you're nice to her she can be the same, but be a jerk and she'll be one straight back at you. Also, touch her and expect a bullet in the face. Appearance: Audrie's hair has become white due to her ghostly connections and she usually wears white, too. Her red eyes are due to the same thing, although in public she wears blue contacts. She always has her 'lucky backpack' which she made herself, simply a camoflauge colour but made of pixels. Anyways, she also has a smiley keychain, headsets and a light blue scarf to hide ugly bruises and scarring on her neck due to her abusive background. Power: Can see ghosts and feel them bump against her. Ghosts choose whether they can be seen by her or not and she can talk to them... although to others it looks like she's speaking to nothing. Also, a ghost can take over her body. She will become a transparent colour and will be given that ghost's abilities. For example, a once-athlete would increase her speed, body-builder increase strength, etc. Job within the Rebellion: Kicking ass... or offense. Same thing. Other: I'm going to add a history because fun. History: Audrie grew up with an abusive father and a mother who was too weak and poor to do something. If she left, she'd leave her 3 kids with a father who would almost kill them sometimes. If she left with the kids, she'd have no money to survive or let them live. Anyways, they stayed with their father and Audrie was the main target as she was his step daughter and the oldest. He would strangle her until she was gasping for breath, whip her neck with rope and whatnot. This is why she wears her scarf, to hide the marks. Anyways... as she got older, teen years, she decided to get drunk a lot to waste away her problems and had a lot of boyfriends which turned out bad... one even got too extreme with her and 'something' happened. One night, she was about to drink a drugged beer and Zeke pulled her out of it.
  12. Have you guys seen Jurassic Park? A t-rex bite. Bye, world.
  13. Actually, Libby, it's a Blusang Lindwurm c: Ghastly.
  14. (( Your secret is safe c; )) "Thanks" Auburn said quickly, scavenging through the bags for a bow or something. She found the arrows Zaria had been talking about and after some hard looking, a bow. It was alright, unlike her father's, but it was a way to defend herself either way. Her legs carried her back to the warm fire and she sat by it, picking at a tiny bit of food they had found and slowly filling her stomach. She would have to kill someone if she wanted to go back to her family... she knew that. "So what are we going to do in the morning... or later? Hunt? I can set some traps and get either tributes or food" she quickly said, attempting to break the awkward silence.
  15. Audrie nodded quickly to Hana, and boarded the plane, taking a seat next to her. After all, everyone else seemed involved with someone here and she wanted someone to talk to. In the 'freak place' as the guards called it, she wasn't allowed to be social, or they'd interrogate her about what she was 'planning' with the other weirdos. Nothing, she'd tell them, but then she'd be hit and have to come up with something. She snapped back to reality as Andy sat next to her and she stretched. She didn't particularily think Hana would care or be too enthused about it. Audrie heard someone scream and whispered "Drama queens" not to anyone, mainly herself, although it was loud enough for Andy to hear and he shoved her slightly. "Be nice". "As if"