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  1. Dang it. Aimi instantly regretted calling the girl towards her, but she needed some information or a layout of the school. Then the questions started being hurtled towards her. As the girl started to look over the magi's delicate fingers she instantly bought a hand to her neck and started to flip the crossed necklace in her hand. Her soul-gem was located in the middle of the cross, and she could feel the heat as it glowed very slightly from the presence of a witch. However, she simply covered it with her hand and smiled innocently. "I - uhm... graduated last year," Aimi nodded, careful not to mention the fact she had dropped out, "I just need a map of the school or something because I'm lost and I had a meeting with - " Of course, before the green-haired girl could finish her sentence, yet another girl approached them and started yelling nonsense. Aimi's head turned immediately at the mention of a witch and she let out a groan. "Really! What if we weren't Magis, huh? Then there'd be a pretty darn confused human on our hands," was all she said, although she was partially glad that the girl had been so blunt about it. Her green eyes trailed down and up the Magi, taking in the details to see her new companion (in fighting witches, that was.) All she noticed was the girl looked younger than her. Great, she had to fight alongside two highschoolers. "But as long as this girl is a Magi," she pointed to Ashley, "I suppose we can." Aimi was the oldest Magi in the city (she assumed) and didn't particularily like dealing with younger Magis, as experienced as they were. Although she had a child of her own, after a whole day of feeding and playing she sort of got sick of children - sure, these were teenagers, but there wasn't much difference. "Excuse me." Aimi nodded politely as she took two fleeting steps backwards. She extended her hand outwards and saw the familiar pink roses extending up her arms, while feeling another set of roses growing up her long legs. Her civilian clothes transformed into a puffy, green dress and the cross pendant flew into her hand, quickly forming into a golden crossbow containing a replica of her soul gem. When the transformation was complete she rubbed her finger up against her actual soul gem, located in the fabric located on her dress. A grin spread over her lips as she saw the familiar rose petals flying around her and she crossed her arms. "Your turn, girls."
  2. It was a lovely day, other than the lingering feeling that there was a witch nearby. Being one of the older teenagers to survive as a witch, Aimi had become almost wired to sensing the grief that witches left behind. She swirled her spoon around in her coffee and considered this. Honestly, there were plenty of Magis in the city, it was almost rare to find a witch left ripe for the killing. Her green eyes flickered down to the swirling mist disappearing into the air from her coffee and she imagined that one time she'd fought a witch formed from a smoke-looking substance. Honestly, she didn't know why the hell she made that contract. To save her baby boy, sure, but could the doctors have saved him? No. Aimi stood up. Her coffee mug was still full, with the cafe's logo splattered over the front. She hitched her bag up onto her back and left it to become cold - exiting the cafe with a few quick steps. The Magi picked her phone from her pocket and dialed her babysitter's number quickly, only saying a single sentence when she picked up. "Hey, Sara, I'll be out for an hour longer - don't worry, I can pay. Bye." With a sigh she nudged her phone back into her pocket and turned into the park which sat across from the highschool. Was there really a Labyrinth inside the Highschool? Aimi let out a sigh - honestly, these witches chose the worst locations. "Here we go," she told herself, waltzing up to the front entrance of the Highschool. Her delicate hand pushed the unlocked door open and she put her hands on her hips - great, she had to find the darn thing now. Her eyes flicked around for a few moments until she spotted a girl hurrying down a hall ahead of her. "Hey!" she quickly exclaimed, immediately regretting it as she trudged over to the girl. (( That was for Fractional Pi ~ ))
  3. THANK GOD. THANK GOD. FINALLY, THEY'VE BEEN ABLE TO INTRODUCE KORRASAMI AS CANON - AND ON NICKELODEON!! I heard Nick was iffy about it at first which I find quite disgusting, but it's canon oh my god I'm fangirling. I'm so glad that it's been added into a show directed at children, without any awkwardness or anything. I'm really glad, like, really glad that we can show kids it's okay to be gay or lesbian, and I'm so glad that the producers made it official - not to mention they ship it! OH MY GOD GUY'S IT'S CANON THO IM SO EXCITEDD!!
  4. I've only had one in my life, so I just sat there in agony until I managed to fall asleep. But I'm really sick right now so I may get another one ; I've been having smaller head aches all day u gh and pain killers didn't work.
  5. I ship myself with everyone.
  6. Cockroaches, they terrify me to death ;;
  7. I let my cats go outside, I mean, we live in a safe environment and they've never been hurt or anything since we've started letting them outside. Australia has a fairly alright environment, although when it's really hot we don't let them outside. We also put them outside when we let our dog inside.
  8. Plum Marinade Chicken Pieces. i have an addiction to plum marinade ;;
  9. u h h Mine are minor compared to some of yours ;; I broke my elbow once when I fell over?? I've also cut my foot open on a soap holder. And put a pea up my nose and almost stopped breathing when I was younger. Although the worst pain ever is my chronic illness which causes bad chest pains ;;
  10. I would go to a time where the world is a giant ball of icecream/choc orange cookies. and I know this is 'into the future' but I'd go into the past and see some dinosaurs because dang dinosaurs are cool.
  11. http://path-of-the-stars.deviantart.com/jo...-join-451949454 no explanation
  12. aHHh my god can't wait for episode 2!! ;u;
  13. I got this. //starts lockpicking door. //after a few hours Still got it... we'll be out in a second... heh... //hours later Almost. //hours later Yeah, we're screwed.
  14. I also eat scrambled eggs with tomato sauce... my family thinks I'm weird.
  15. I've only read 1/3 of The Hobbit, that took me a month, and finished the whole Harry Potter series in a week, because I loved it so much. Dumbledore.
  16. Potato skin whenever I peel it, people call me weird. I eat everything, though.
  17. oMG ;A; Thank you so much aggghhh that is lovely~ going straight into my sig! c:
  18. I have a Spitfire called LoGZ And my first dragon ever, a Bright-Breasted called HUN9T -- I called him HUN9TER of course And I recently picked up a White egg with a nice lineage, then I noticed the parent's codes D gg
  19. Jesus, calm down a bit. I agree with your last paragraph, but a 'bad' reason from my perspective and opinion would be something that can be easily prevented. Some people just get abortions because the wanted a girl but know they're going to get a boy, or vice versa. I find it quite sick that you want to kill basically a part of your dna just because it isn't perfect. I do like the thought of abortion, it's prevented many painful lives and whatnot of babies and mothers alike. I don't like it for sick reasons, though.
  20. To be honest, I think the woman has a choice, it's her body, her baby. I'll only feel sick if it's for a bad reason, I mean, you shouldn't go around having sex without pills or whatnot. Obviously you'll get pregnant. However, if the baby has some defects that will probably put it in pain for the rest of it's life, or will be born brain dead, I think an abortion is neccessary, that way the poor child doesn't have to be put through that and the mother doesn't have a chance of dying. I'm not an expert, though, so I can't give a huge twenty paragraph long opinion.
  21. Second'ed the above post o-o That shading oh my god. I love the way you shade fur, too and his expression is just -- and wing anatomy and -- *o*