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  1. I'm not the best at decorating, but I had fun! Plus I still had room for some weapons. :3c
  2. Not sure if this is the right place, but I have an exasperated little Undine that failed to alt. Instead of abandoning them I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted it, UGHRR
  3. Sorry for bumping this, just had a couple questions. 1. What are CB Tan Ridgewings worth? I got two in a trade but I only need one. 2. What are Dinos worth? I can grab Cheeses, Chickens, Papers just fine, I've even caught a couple Silvers! But I can't catch Dinos for the life of me.
  4. I abandoned my upside-down Mint because I wanted egg space and thought it would go back to normal after April 1st. T_T Really kicking myself over that.
  5. Thank you! Gold shimmer was the only one I was missing.
  6. ...Well, I'm an idiot. I've never used the filter feature, so I never knew that existed. Guess this can be closed now.
  7. Maybe it's just me, but it gets tiresome opening a bunch of tabs to see which of my Reds has an incubate available. Or going through my action log to see when I can use Splash again. Meanwhile I can go to the Active Transfers page and see which of my Magis can teleport, without checking them all individually. I can even use a teleport on the page, I don't have to got hunt down the dragon on my scroll! Simply put, I'd love it if the Active Transfers page was expanded to include Aeons, Pinks, all dragons with a BSA. It would be a lot easier to see what's on cooldown, not to mention people w
  8. Didn't notice this guy's code until recently. I don't really collect Z-codes like you guys, and I'd hate him/her to go to waste on my scroll. Anyone want a very "zen" Magi?
  9. CB Red Dorsal Picked it up on the AP intending to freeze, didn't expect it to be CB.
  10. Chicken Egg I prefer it go to someone with no chickens, but of course first come first serve. EDIT: Gone! You're welcome, Legofrodo12!
  11. CB Bronze Lunar Herald EDIT: Gone! You're welcome, Rampaging Wyvern.
  12. Thank you, my first Chicken! EDIT: Giving away this guy. I wanted a female but unfortunately had no influences left. Claim my Hatchling!
  13. Snagged this guy a moment ago on the AP, forgot I used up all my freezes for the time being. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Gone!
  14. The only Valentine I haven't picked up yet! Thank you. EDIT: Shoot, I picked on up last night and totally forgot about it. Tossing it back in for someone else:Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. Heartstealer with a pretty funny/nice code--in4PC Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  16. CB Nebula hatchie, didn't gender correctly. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! GONE! Took the Dorsal, thank you so much!