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  1. I really enjoy this years Valentine event!
  2. Love the colors of the adults! O:
  3. Ayy glad I checked felt like checking the cave for any updates. Still got to grab me some of dem feathery little guys
  4. maylin

    ANSWERED:No rares?

    There are a ton new dragons, and with rares being rare its more rare then before since there is like 40 more dragons that have a higher chance to drop xD
  5. Everytime I message someone about a IOU they owe me they disappear q^q Its not like I bother them a lot about it, its almost been a year and this last time was only the 3rd message I sent them about it. They never even reply T.T I don't understand whyyyyy I guess I know not to trade with them any more but it really sucks since I can never catch a gold and can only trade for one but its really rare I have somthing good to trade.
  6. How to get ones yall call Gusty? I only have Musky and glassy? Edit: ah ok
  7. The Musky eggs have stopped dropping
  8. lol RIP you should have stayed up New Dragons in the cave so they where all being grabbed
  9. Can anyone tell me where to get the new eggs and what they are called?
  10. 7 hours and already mixed? Hope that means these are new rares O: We really need some new ones~
  11. I sent them a message at the end of last month that they read but got no response and their profile says they where last on April 2nd So I think they might be on a small hiatus.
  12. lol Sounds like I wasnt the only one to forget to do a thing for St. Patrick's day for a group I run.
  13. Its me and my husbands dream to have a farm but its so hard to get a place with enough land in Germany to get started and even when you find somthing it cost too much or is too far away from your current job.
  14. Support, Its sad when eggs die due to being behind the holiday wall
  15. So what happend to all those flowers we gathered? I don't see them anywhere, only the cards we got sent.
  16. oh crap two days late to the party
  17. How do I check if my message box gets full on the new system?
  18. How do you make the new banner? I tried but as you can see in my sig it did not work
  19. Is it normal that the hourly drops are 1 minute late? They don't drop until a minute after the hour
  20. Have: 2nd Gen snow from Gold Want: Bloodswap 2nd gen Snow from Gold Trade Link Traded!^^