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  1. DIE, DIE, DIE MY DARLING! *Headbanging ensues*
  2. False. In fact, I'm quite warm. TPBM has thrown up within the past week.
  3. False and true. It isn't that long but it's there. TPBM has kicked their computer more than once.
  4. Dazzling Green Banana. It's so random, it almost makes sense.
  5. I am a dragon. I'm surprised that one wasn't taken until about two weeks ago.
  6. Why is Derpy in Fluttershy's chicken coop in the first place...?
  7. Banned because I don't care about your personal life.
  8. Jerry Terradactyl will, and always will be, my favorite name off your scroll.
  9. Banned for reminding me of that song and thus taking a bit of happiness out of the song I'm listening to now, "Hammer-Smashed Face".
  10. Yeah. It got bluescreen within six months. TPBM lives in a country besides the United States.
  11. True. And it's incredibly shaggy. TPBM is a brony.
  12. Yes. TPBM has listened to Cannibal Corpse.
  13. Motorbreath - Metallica Fade to Black - Metallica Rattlehead - Megadeth Sweating Bullets - Megadeth Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest
  14. Ugh. I hate it when cracker remnants get stuck in my braces. Now it's time to fish them out with my tongue.