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  1. Indeed. Annihilator - Annihilator
  2. King of the Kill - Annihilator
  3. *Riding away in an '87 Chevy with AC/DC songs blasting out of the stereo* YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  4. I don't go Christmas shopping since I have no income source. TPBM celebrates Kwanzaa.
  5. So tired...I should go to bed...ugh...
  6. POSTS: Hi-Get 1 post This place ain't bad-Get 100 posts Normal OTer-Get 1000 posts Lifeless-Get 10000 posts Are you forced to play Roblox?-Get 100000 posts Wait, what?-Have more posts then Fastlane TROLLING: Maybe...-Get 100 views on a troll thread So-so-Get 1000 views on a troll thread TROLOLOLOL-Get 10000 views on a troll thread Foolish attempts-Get your troll thread to page 3 Pathetic kids-Get your troll thread to page 10 WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!-Get your troll thread to page 20 BANNED: Learn2notbreakrules-Get a warning Screw off-Get banned Download MC instead-Get deleted [Main] 1 less sALT-Get deleted [Alt] NEVER!-Get IP banned THREADS: Future 100 page thread-Make your first thread Stay-Get your thread to stay on the first page for a week Aging-Get to page 50 on one of your threads cOLD mOLD-Get to page 100 on one of your threads Died a tropper-Have one of your threads die but it has 10+ pages before death OTHER: Bros4life-Become a brony BURN THE PIE!-Become a anti-brony REFLECTED SUCKER!-During a raid, get one of the raiders banned Memebase-Use a meme Wannabe-Mini Mod for a day Clans? so 2009-Raid Clans & Guides NBC GEWTS RAWBUX!-Raid Suggestions & Ideas WWIII-Raid another website The games aren't working, WAH!-Raid RT Internet flames-Start a flame war that lasts for 5+ pages Escaped the flame-Win a flame war You have guts!-Annoy a mod or a famous OTer Higuiseisuck-Make fun of CoD and cause a flame war, and have Higuiseitschaos be in it Reanimation-Bump a dead thread Arrows-Spam arrow to the knee all over the place So long losers-Leave OT for another forum What I miss?-Come back to OT after 2 months or more Outside? it's the thing with trees and stuff-Earn every achievement
  7. I really wish I knew what Chris Barnes was singing, but he growls so damn much. At least the song is insanity in music form.
  8. False. (English, some Spanish) TPBM has been hospitalized.
  9. Can hardly wait until Friday...! Nothing but computer time and soda.
  10. Banned for not capitalizing on the "That's what she said" part of minky's statement.
  11. Banned because my Grammar Na­zi side of me is kicking in.
  12. *Jumps out of the snowman the dragon is making* I am the master of disguise, you know. TAG!
  13. Um, Kitteh? How long are we going to fly for? 'Cause I see the Eiffel Tower on the horizon...