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  1. Red Devil - Yngwie Malmsteen Beautiful, just beautiful.
  2. False. I do want one, though. TPBM has a Twitter.
  3. Oh God, too many Chicken Kickers. Need to take some antacid or something...
  4. Slayer, I love you guys, but your "World Painted Blood" music video is kind of wierd.
  5. Think, Sam, THINK. What's one Megadeth song that hasn't been used already...Ah! High Speed Dirt!
  6. America. Pennsylvania, specifically.
  7. DownloadEX - ive never even heard of
  8. Ride the Lightning - Metallica
  9. C'mon Hollies, please come out. I really need to help my friend get one. Please?
  10. A Lesson in Violence - Exodus
  11. Powder Pink Puff Somehow, I always manage to do this right after a user with 5+ pages of dragons posts. Oi.