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  1. Any good CB's or any kind of Magma. I would do next to everything to finally get my hands on a magma. Metallics or shimmer are out of it too. Sadly... but oh well. We'll see if I can catch some at one point.
  2. By now I'm trying to name all of the dragons that I really like by one of their parents and if they don't have names or ones that are usable I take the grandparents. It's fun and I kind of think of it as a tradition to my dragons. example: Savran His mother got her first name from her grandmother
  3. aw if it wouldn't be for the colour... so no
  4. tgfrd to go for red dragons oasiufg
  5. Apocalyptica Children of Bodom (the old stuff is better in my opinion) KoRn Disturbed Seven Dust Slipknot Bullet for my Valentine Subway to Sally
  6. mh... first: for somepeople on the world to find a way against sickness and hunger and if they find it that it will be used and not put under the table because some people might not get any money from it. (big wish) second: enough money for me third: real dragons (they don't have to be big) but I would love to have one :3