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Only a few find the way; some don't recognize it when they do; some don't ever want to.


Puuuuuuurfect. When you're not on edge you're taking up too much space.


Different denotes neither good or bad, buit it certainly means "not the same". Find the Hatter Alice. He knows more about "different" than you.


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    I like the night, and hate the day and morning. I like anime and manga, though, not many don't. I like music, I don't really like western stuff, and refuse to listen to it. I also like cats. Because I can likes cats. So I will. Exept long haired ones cuz they make my alergies act up.
    Animology: Blue Fox
    -You are a born leader who cannot resist a challenge. You are driven to excel and a perfectionist. You consider yourself as the king of all animologies and have a lot of dignity.
    -Soulmate: Yellow Trout
    -In conflict with: Green Puppy

    Ktav13 is my BEEEEEEEST FREEEEEEEIIIIIIINNNDDDDDDD!!!!! (Though, not sure I'm her best freind but she is my best freind. )


    I'm sorry if I spell something incorrectly, but my geniousness dose not work in spelling for some reason... *shrugs*


    The Aries born on March 23 is a self-deprecating, good-natured person who can differentiate between taking their work and taking themselves too seriously. Talkative and outgoing, they give the appearance of being highly organized, but they actually prefer to take life as it comes.

    Friends and Lovers

    Friendship is important t­o March 23 people, and they confide their deepest inner feelings only to those with whom they share a close relationship. When in love, they are determined to make a relationship work.

    Children and Family

    March 23 individuals have natural leadership abilities that affect their position within the family. They enjoy being parents, though they have a somewhat casual attitude. They prefer setting an example for their youngsters in a quiet and unassuming way.


    March 23 natives enjoy researching unusual treatments and health practices. They take a holistic approach to keeping healthy. Since they have a great deal of nervous energy, these people benefit from vigorous aerobic workouts.

    Career and Finances

    March 23 natives are drawn to careers that involve communication skills. They enjoy working with large groups of people, and they shine as part of a team. They make fine teachers, lecturers, and news-gatherers. Although they are able to make money quickly, their spendthrift habits often come back to haunt them.

    Dreams and Goals

    March 23 natives tend to take life as it comes. Although they may have high expectations, they prefer spontaneity over any orchestrated plan to succeed.