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-------------------------||||ARK2-1.gif||||-------------------------7NUyJIb.gifblazingaces.png------|||Giving 2nd gen Silver Tinsel IOU's for best offer of CB Metals & or Neglected dragons. Inbox me to make an offer :)|||------


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    Anderson, South Carolina
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    I am a 2nd Place 2014 Christmas Raffle (CB Silver Tinsel) winner. The code I chose is (1LOVE), which is a representation of my Pride for LGBT & the fight for love equality. Yes I have proof of my winning upon request & no I'm not just saying this to boast. I am saying this because I AM open to exceptional trade offers.
    I'm mostly looking for a trade that includes a nice amount of CB Original Metallics & Neglected dragons. I would also love to do a 2nd gen Tin/Shimmer trade. Other offers are welcome, the most I can do is say no thank you :)

    2nd Gen Silver Tinsel (1LOVE) IOU's - 1st come 1st served (3out of 3 slots taken)
    *1st** rrattts - (1LOVE)xDeepSea (Breeding attempts made: Sucess at attempt #4!)
    *2nd** lunaleigh - (1LOVE)xSunsong (Breeding attempts made: Sucess at attempt #1!)
    *3rd** aqua17 - (1LOVE)x??? (Breeding attempts made: Sucess at attempt #5)
    *4th** ZzelaBusya - (1LOVE)xCB Green Nebula (Breeding attempts made: Sucess at attempt #1!)
    *5th** alicit - (1LOVE)x Striped River |changed to Thunder| (Breeding attempts made: Sucess at attempt #over 20, it took 1 year!!! ;-;)
    *6th** silverstreak12 - (1LOVE)x Royal Blue (Breeding attempts made: Sucess at attempt #1!)
    =•Currently Breeding for•=

    I have lost records of those still on my waiting list. If I promised you an IOU PLEASE send me either proof of the conversation, or jog my memory with what we agreed to. I haven't forgotten about ya'll & I WILL give you your 2nd gen Tins as promised! I've just been in a year long rut.


    Once a dragon leaves my scroll I don't care what you do with it. It's yours for the keeping, killing, freezing, gifting, trading, ect.
    What you ultimately decide to do with said dragon(s) is none of my business.
    I feel that it is also my right to do with my dragons as I please. However, dragons in which I obtain as a gift won't be mistreated. They will proudly be displayed on my scroll until the end of time (:


    IOU's Owed to Others - Ready to give IOU's!

    Open for IOU's!


    IOU's Owed to Me:
    charlottekay62 - CB code dragon (given 2nd gen Horse naughty parents)
    lunaleigh - 5 CB Golds (5:5 received), 5 CB Silvers (given 2nd gen Tinsel IOU)
    aqua17 - 2 CB Golds(2:2 Received), 4 CB Silvers(1:4 received) *** (given 2nd gen Tinsel IOU)
    Nightwalkerkey - 2nd gen Tinsel from (Cammy)x??? (given 2nd gen Tinsel IOU)


    I'm usually always interested in:
    - CB Original Gold or Silver
    - CB Blacks
    - CB Stripes
    - CB Trio (Thunder, Magma, or Ice)
    - CB Red Dorsals
    - CB-2nd gen Original Gold or Silver
    - 2nd-4th gen Tinsels/Shimmers (even or stair/Nice lineage is a must)
    - Black/Vine Alts (any lineage for minor common/uncommon trades)(Nice/short lineage for rare trades)
    - Low time or ER Vine/Black eggs (any lineage for minor common/uncommon trades)
    - Neglected Dragon any gen
    - Promise of low gen Alt Sweetling or Holly

    (****Really Need!****)
    ~Naughty/Rated R/Swear code words as a mate for my F-bomb/word dragon.

    ~Funny/Text Abbreviation/Slang code word as a mate for my 1ROFL dragon.