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  1. In my experience, the artist's section was a useful resource for TJ that allowed projects like the neglected replacement and guardians of nature to be handled quickly, and confidentially. Art needed for special events could be made in a comfortable setting, that didn't require every member to be online and available to chat in order to keep up working on it. Before there was an artist's section, there was an off-site forum I went on where the vampires and yulebucks were made as well, mostly because forums are good for making art collaboratively :3 For somebody who doesn't have access to the artist's section, it's strange that you can form such an extensive opinion about what goes on there D: It's mostly talking about cats and drawing. In the end it's TJ who gets the final say on art in any respects.
  2. Heheh. I've done it once, I'll admit. It was not actually that bad of an experience, but probably only because it was a fairly simple character. I can't possibly imagine some of the more complex costumes, though I've seen some amazing things. As well as some awful things. If people like to do it, I say go ahead. The ability of some people to recreate the costumes with such accuracy and creativity is absolutely incredible.
  3. Mission success, then. I'll be keeping my eye on this just in case.
  4. Let's settle down a bit, people. I don't think anybody here meant what anybody else thought they did, and I don't want to see a larger fight break out, alright? >: Thank you, guys, let's keep it nice. Nice and cuddly? (I'd be happy.)
  5. I'll just move this for you.... It's a magical series. I still have fond memories of reading it for the first time. And the movies are good for some lulzy gifs, as I think we all know.
  6. D: ...like an Argonian? To stay on topic- Zeekace, it's really not so weird, since it takes you a while to figure out it was a dream at all. Then it's just annoying. And I usually forget most of them anyway, they evaporate quite quickly. I haven't been aware of a dream I've had very often, lately.
  7. Oh dear, Marri. DX Though DC -HAS- managed to occupy a large chunk of my life now that I'm a mod as well as a spriter, I think the closest I've come to a dream about it was dreaming that I just... browsed the forum, doing my job as usual. My dreams are almost always about normal, everyday occurrences, or else I forget them after I wake up. I remember once I had a dream where a Japanese musician was lost on my front porch and for some reason was missing his shoes. He seemed very unhappy and confused. I think I asked him what the hell he was doing in America and then he sat down on my couch and started crying. D< I also had a dream just this week that I had hooves. It was perfectly normal, at least in magical Momo dream land. Other than that, I think 80% of the time my dreams are just watered down and kind of blurry reenactments of everyday life. Kind of lame.
  8. Komodo Gallant

    Art Worm

    Actually, I think it should be stickied. :B It is a pretty big thing after all. Or at least it should be.
  9. Komodo Gallant

    Art Worm

    You have my support and my interest. Though I cannot guarantee my immediate participation.
  10. Ohh, look what I found heeere~ :3
  11. Oh, hey! That would be a great way to add currency to the game. Eggshell pieces! Though that's a completely different thing and we probably don't have enough stuff to implement money of any kind yet... (What would you spend it on, basically.) I also like the idea of putting the eggshells back together in order to keep an egg sprite on your scroll. Though since they wouldn't be interactive, maybe there would be another space on the scroll for them- to stay organized. :3
  12. I just remembered, I have something lying around I can give you for this. :3 It's from this work of mine I never finished, over here; http://komodo-342.deviantart.com/art/WIP-N...-Color-84577479 It'll serve our purposes nicely, I think. X3. Edit: Also, more the merrier, right? :B I mean if we have a goal of 20 or so, even if we go past it, that's good, correct?
  13. Sounds okay to me, but I'd need a way to reverse it just in case I slipped up or changed my mind. XB. I'm not a very decisive person, most of the time.
  14. I phail to see how this could be a bad thing. :B Maybe impose a limit to how many eggs you can freeze in any given time period? Or make it an ability in the dragon special abilities thread... with a scroll-wide week long cooldown. (For example, no matter how many winter/water/whatever dragons you had, you would only be able to freeze one egg per week.)
  15. I'd recommend 100 or 110 dollars- you worked hard on it, and the time you spent should add to the price. :3 Large handmade plushies are expensive and deserve to be. Nerdy conventions would be a great place to sell, though they're usually pretty expensive to go to. . Go advertise a bit around Gaia, there's lots of Dragoncave fans there....
  16. Yulebuck was made by Marionetta and Kuraianubus, and I helped just a bit with the lines. . You can ask them- whatever they say, I agree with it. But I'm almost sure that they won't mind. ;3