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  1. A while ago I had a dream where this dude that I work in my University's dish room with was insisting that I work on his new virus scanning program. I refused so he took an electrical cord and strangled me. So I rode a dog down to this big computer and started the program. Tamagotchi looking things appeared on a red background and nothing else. I was afraid to tell him that his program was awful so I took off on my dog. I rode around this town center or something and this old lady on the sidewalk had a dog encased in clay stuck against the wall. And she was throwing darts at it. The dog's tail
  2. "The Thing That Should Not Be" by Metallica I've been reading H.P. Lovecraft books....
  3. Two terrifying words....Action 52 It came out for the NES for $200. There were around 52 games, but some never worked and half of them were 2D shooters. Also, the cartridge would smell like burning plastic if you dared to play it too long. Who thought The Cheetahmen would be a good idea? Here's its Wiki page...